Vicki C. Jackson

Thurgood Marshall Professor of Constitutional Law

Representative Publications



Jackson, Vicki C. Constitutional Engagement in a Transnational Era (Oxford University Press 2010).

Federal Courts Stories ( Vicki C. Jackson & Judith Resnick eds., Foundation Press 2010).

Jackson, Vicki C., Susan Low Bloch & Thomas G. Krattenamker. Inside the Supreme Court: The Institution and Its Procedures (West 2 ed. 2008).

Tushnet, Mark & Vicki C. Jackson. Comparative Constitutional Law (Foundation Press 2nd ed. 2006).
Full text: AMAZON (Purchase)

Defining the Field of Comparatative Constitutional Law ( Vicki C. Jackson & Mark Tushnet eds., Praeger 2002).

Shorter Works in Collection

Jackson, Vicki C. "Constitutional Law in an Age of Globalization" in Israeli Constitutional Law in the Making 205 (Gideon Sapir, Daphne Barak-Erez & Aharon Barak eds., Hart Pub., 2013).

Jackson, Vicki C. "Sobre el concepto de las reformas constitucionales consideradas inconstitucionales, y su relación con la constitucionalización de los derechos del Estado de bienestar" in Dialogos constitucionales de Colombia con el mundo 141 (Juan Carlos Henao ed., Universidad Externado De Colombia, 2013).

Jackson, Vicki C. "Comparative Constitutional Law: Methodologies" in The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Constitutional Law 54 (Michel Rosenfeld & Andras Sajo eds., Oxford University Press, 2012).

Jackson, Vicki C. "Judicial Independence: Structure, Context, Attitude" in Judicial Independence in Transition 19 (Ajna Seibert-Fohr ed., Springer, 2012).

Jackson, Vicki C. & Jamal Greene. "Constitutional Interpretation in Comparative Perspective : Comparing Judges or Courts?" in Comparative Constitutional Law (Tom Ginsburg & Rosalind Dixon eds., Edward Elgar, 2011).

Jackson, Vicki C. & Judith Resnick. "Sovereignties: Federal, State and Tribal: The Story of Seminole Tribe" in Federal Courts Stories 28 (Vicki C. Jackson & Judith Resnick, Foundation Press, 2010).

Jackson, Vicki C. & Judith Resnick. "The Idea of a Jurisprudence, a Course, and a Canon: Introducing Federal Courts Stories" in Federal Courts Stories 1 (Vicki C. Jackson & Judith Resnick eds., Foundation Press, 2010).

Jackson, Vicki C. "Gender Equality and the Idea of a Constitution: Entrenchment, Jurisdiction and Interpretation" in Constituting Equality : Gender Equality and Comparative Constitutional Law (Susan H. Williams ed., Cambridge University Press, 2009).

Jackson, Vicki C. "Progressive Constitutionalism and Transnational Legal Discourse" in The Constitution in 2020 (Jack M. Balkin & Reva B. Siegel eds., Oxford University Press, 2009).

Jackson, Vicki C. "Review of Laws Having a Disparate Impact on Gender" in Global Perspectives on Constitutional Law (Vikram Amar & Mark Tushnet eds., Oxford University Press, 2009).

Jackson, Vicki C. "Citizenships, Federalisms and Gender" in Migrations and Mobilities : Citizenship, Borders, and Gender (Selya Benhabib & Judith Resnik eds., NYU Press, 2009).

Articles in a Periodical

Jackson, Vicki C. "Transnational Constitutional Values and Democratic Challenges," 8 International Journal of Constitutional Law 517 (2010).

Jackson, Vicki C. "Democracy and Judicial Review, Will and Reason, Amendment and Interpretation: A Review of Barry Friedman's, The Will of the People," 13 University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constritutional Law 413 (2010).

Jackson, Vicki C. "Methodological Challenges in Comparative Constitutional Law," 28 Penn State International Law Review 319 (2010).

Jackson, Vicki C. "Paradigms of Public Law: Transnational Constitutional Values and Democratic Challenges," 8 International Journal of Constitutional Law 517 (2010).
(I?CON Book Forum: Ruling the World?: Constitutionalism, International Law and Global Governance)

Jackson, Vicki C. "Packages of Judicial Independence: Implications for Reform Proposals on the Selection and Tenure of Article III Judges," 137 Daedalus 48 (2008).
(Based on essay in Georgetown Law Journal, 2007)

Jackson, Vicki C. "Multi-Valenced Constitutional Interpretation and Constitutional Comparisons: An Essay in Honor of Mark Tushnet," 26 Quinnipiac Law Review 599 (2008).

Jackson, Vicki C. "What's in a Name? Reflections on Timing, Naming, and Constitution-Making," 49 William & Mary Law Review 1249 (2008).

Jackson, Vicki C. "The Supreme Court, 2004 Term - Comment: Constitutional Comparisons: Convergence, Resistance, Engagement," 119 Harvard Law Review 109 (2005).

Jackson, Vicki C. "Federalism and the Uses and Limits of Law: Printz and Principle," 111 Harvard Law Review 2180 (1998).

Jackson, Vicki C. "The Supreme Court, the Eleventh Amendment, and State Sovereign Immunity," 98 Yale Law Journal 1 (1988).

Representative Publications

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