David A. Hoffman

John H. Watson, Jr. Lecturer on Law


Areeda 126


Assistant: Caryn M. Shelton-May / 617-495-9200

Additional Information

Representative Publications


·        Massachusetts Alternative Dispute Resolution (2 vols.) (Michie/Butterworth Legal Publishers, 1994) (with co-author David Matz)

·        Bringing Peace into the Room: How the Personal Qualities of the Mediator Impact the Process of Conflict Resolution(with co-editor Daniel Bowling) (Jossey-Bass/Wiley, 2003)

Book Chapters

·        The Whistleblower: Mediating an Employment Termination Dispute, in Stories Mediators Tell (eds. Eric R. Galton & Lela P. Love, 2012)

·        Cooperative Negotiation Agreements: Using Contracts to Make a Safe Place for a Difficult Conversation, in Innovations in Family Law Practice(eds. K.B. Olson & N. VerSteegh) (Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, 2008)


·        The Psychology of Mediation, 14 Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution __ (2013) (in press) (with co-author Dr. Richard Wolman).

·        The Mediator as Moral Witness, Harvard Negotiation Law Review blog, April 2013 (www.HNLR.org).

·        Mediation and the Art of Shuttle Diplomacy, 27 Negotiation Journal 263 (2011)

·        Mediation, Multiple Minds, and Managing the Negotiation Within, 16 Harvard Negotiation Law Review 297 (2011)

·        Mediation as a Spiritual Practice(with co-author Dr. Richard Wolman) (2011) at www.Mediate.com

·        Building Bridges to Resolve Conflict and Overcome the “Prisoner’s Dilemma”: The Vital Role of Professional Relationships in the Collaborative Law Process(with co-author Dawn Ash) (Journal of Dispute Resolution, Fall 2010)

·        Op-ed: Microsoft and Yahoo: Where were the mediators?  It works for countries and couples – why not businesses?, Christian Science Monitor (May 12, 2008) (this article won an award for best short article from the International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution, www.cpradr.org)

·        Leveling the Playing Field for Workplace Neutrals: A Proposal for Achieving Racial and Ethnic Diversity, American Arbitration Association Dispute Resolution Journal (February/April 2008) (with co-author Lamont Stallworth)

·        Colliding Worlds of Dispute Resolution: Towards a Unified Field Theory of ADR, 2008 Journal of Dispute Resolution 11 (2008)

·        The Future of ADR Practice: Three Hopes, Three Fears, and Three Predictions, Negotiation Journal (October 2006)

·        Multidisciplinary Practice: Three-Dimensional Client Service, MassPsych(Mass. Psychological Ass’n quarterly), Summer 2004 (with co-author Richard Wolman)

·        Ten Principles of Mediation Ethics, 18 Alternatives 147 (September 2000)

·        Mediation and the Unauthorized Practice of Law: Do Mediators Have a Well-Founded Fear of Prosecution?  6 ABA Dispute Resolution Magazine 20 (2000) (with co-author Natasha Affolder), also at www.Mediate.com

Areeda 126


Assistant: Caryn M. Shelton-May / 617-495-9200