Daniel I. Halperin

Stanley S. Surrey Professor of Law, Emeritus


Representative Publications

  • Halperin, Daniel I. "Is Income Tax Exemption for Charities a Subsidy?" 64 Tax Law Review 283 (2011).
  • Halperin, Daniel I. "Retirement Income Security After the Fall" in New York University Review of Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation 11-1 (Matthew Bender & Co., Inc., 2009).
  • Halperin, Daniel I. "Interest in Disguise: Taxing the Time Value of Money," 95 Yale Law Journal 506 (1986).
  • Halperin, Daniel I. "Business Deductions for Personal Living Expenses: A Uniform Approach to an Unsolved Problem," 122 Univerity of Pennsylvania Law Review 859 (1974).


Hauser 316


Assistant: Bradford Conner / 617-496-1763