D. James Greiner

William Henry Bloomberg Professor of Law

Representative Publications


Articles in a Periodical
Greiner, D. James. "Re-Solidifying Racial Bloc Voting: Empirics and Legal Doctrine in the Melting Pot," 86 Indiana Law Journal 447 (2011).
Greiner, D. James & Kevin M. Quinn. "Exit Polling and Racial Bloc Voting: Combining Individual-Level and R x C Ecological Data," Annals of Applied Statistics, (forthcoming).
Greiner, D. James. "The Quantitative Empirics of Redistricting Litigation: Knowledge, Threats to Knowledge, and the Need for Less Districting," 29 Yale Law and Policy Review 527 (2011).
Greiner, D. James. "Not All Statistics Are Created Equal," 122 Harvard Law Review Forum 533 (2010).
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Greiner, D. James & Don Rubin. "Potential Outcomes and Causal Effects of Immutable Characteristics," Review of Economics and Statistics, (forthcoming).
Greiner, D. James & Kevin Quinn. "R X C Ecological Inference: Bounds, Correlations, Flexibility, and Transparency of Assumptions," 172 Journal of the Royal Statistical Society 67 (2009).
Greiner, D. James. "Causal Inference in Civil Rights Litigation," 122 Harvard Law Review 533 (2008).
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Greiner, D. James. "Ecological Inference in Voting Rights Act Disputes: Where are We Now, and Where do We Want to Be?" 47 Jurimetrics 115 (2007).

Working or Discussion Papers
Greiner, D. James & Cassandra Wolos Pattanayak. "What Difference Representation?" (2010).
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Miscellaneous Publications
Greiner, D. James (principal author), Kevin Quinn and Paul Baines, RxCEcollnf, software package (in the statistical language R) useful for analyzing voting data
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Representative Publications