William W. Fisher

WilmerHale Professor of Intellectual Property Law

Faculty Director, Berkman Center for Internet and Society

Representative Publications



The Canon of American Legal Thought ( David W. Kennedy & William W. Fisher eds., Princeton University Press 2006).
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Fisher, William W. Promises to Keep: Technology, Law and the Future of Entertainment (Stanford University Press 2004).
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Lessig, Lawrence, Jonathan L. Zittrain, Charles R. Nesson, William W. Fisher & Yochai Benkler. Internet Law (Foundation Press 2002).
Fisher, William W. & Martha A. Field. Legal Reform in Central America: Dispute Resolution and Property Systems (John F. Kennedy School of Government 2001).
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American Legal Realism ( Morton J. Horwitz, William W. Fisher & Thomas A. Reed eds., Oxford University Press 1993).
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Shorter Works in Collection

Fisher, William W. "American Legal Education and Legal Theory in the Twentieth Century" in Cambridge History of Law in America (Christopher Tomlins, Cambridge University Press, 2008).
Fisher, William W. "Intellectual Property and Innovation: Theoretical, Empirical and Historical Perspectives" in Industrial Property, Innovation, and the Knowledge-Based Economy, Beleidsstudies Technologie Economie (Ashgate, 2002).
Fisher, William W. "Property and Power in American Legal History" in The History of Law in a Multi-Cultural Society (Ashgate, 2002).
Fisher, William W. "The Impact of Terminator Gene Technologies on Developing Countries" in Biotechnology, Agriculture, and the Developing World (Timothy Swanson ed., Edward Elgar Publishing, 2002).
Fisher, William W. "Theories of Intellectual Property" in New Essays in the Legal and Political Theory of Property (Cambridge University Press, 2001).
(Chinese translation by Haifeng Huang, in Chinese Intellectual Property Review 1, 2002:1)
Fisher, William W. "Geistiges Eigentum - ein ausufernder Rechtsbereich: Die Geschichte des Ideenschutzes den Vereinigten Staaten" in Eigentum im internationalen Vergleich 265 (Hannes Siegrist & David Sugarman eds., Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1999).
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((English version available as The Growth of Intellectual Property: A History of the Ownership of Ideas in the United States))

Articles in a Periodical

Fisher, William W. "The Implications for Law of User Innovation," 94 Minnesota Law Review 1417 (2010).
Fisher, William W. "When Should We Permit Differential Pricing of Information?" 55 UCLA Law Review 1 (2007).
Fisher, William W. "Two Thoughts about Traditional Knowledge," 70 Law & Contemporary Problems 131 (2007).
Fisher, William W. & Talha Syed. "Global Justice in Health Care: Developing Drugs for the Developing World," 40 University of California Davis Law Review 581 (2007).
Fisher, William W. & Jacqueline Harlow. "Film and Media Studies and the Law of the DVD," 45 Cinema Journal 3 (2006).
Fisher, William W. "Texts and Contexts: The Application to American Legal History of the Methodologies of Intellectual History," 49 Stanford Law Review 1065 (1997).
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Fisher, William W. "Interpreting Holmes," 110 Harvard Law Review 1010 (1997).
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Fisher, William W. "Stories about Property," 94 Michigan Law Review 1776 (1996) (article review).
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Fisher, William W. "Making Sense of Madison," 18 Journal of Law and Social Change 547 (1993) (article review).
Fisher, William W. "Ideology and Imagery in the Law of Slavery," 68 Chicago-Kent Law Review 1051 (1993).
(revised and expanded version published in Paul Finkelman, ed., Slavery and the Law (Madison House 1997, 43-85))
Fisher, William W. "The Trouble with Lucas," 45 Stanford Law Review 1393 (1993).
Fisher, William W. "The Defects of Dualism," 59 University of Chicago Law Review 955 (1992) (article review).
Fisher, William W. "Review of Liberty, Property, and the Future of Constitutional Development by Ellen Paul and Howard Dickman," Spring Business History Review 161 (1991) (article review).
Fisher, William W. "Webster's Legal Legacy," 18 Reviews in American History 44 (1990).
Fisher, William W. "Ideology, Religion, and the Constitutional Protection of Private Property, 1760-1860," 39 Emory Law Journal 65 (1990).
Fisher, William W. "The Jurisprudence of Justice Marshall," 6 Harvard Blackletter Journal 132 (1989).
Fisher, William W. "Reconstructing the Fair Use Doctrine," 101 Harvard Law Review 1659 (1988).
Fisher, William W. "The Significance of Public Perceptions of the Takings Doctrine," 88 Columbia Law Review 601 (1988).

Reports or Studies

Palfrey, John G., William W. Fisher et al. "Copyright and Digital Media in a Post-Napster World", Berkman Center Publication Series (2005).
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(jointly with Gartner|G2,2003 and 2005 editions)
Fisher, William W., John G. Palfrey et al. "Content & Control: Assessing the Impact of Policy Choices on Potential Online Businesses in the Music and Film Industries", Berkman Center Publication Series (2005).
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Fisher, William W., John G. Palfrey et al. "iTunes: How Copyright, Contract, and Technology Shape the Business of Digital Media", A Case Study, Berkman Center Publication Series (2004).
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Fisher, William W. Two rounds of written and oral testimony before the Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel, In the Matter of Digital Performance Right in sound Recordings and Ephemeral Recordings, Docket No. 2000-9 (CARP DTRA 1&2) (2002).

Internet Publications

Fisher, William W. Maps of Intellectual Property (2011).
Fisher, William W. & Electronic Information for Libraries. Copyright for Librarians (2010).
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Fisher, William W. Digital Music: Problems and Possibilities (2000).
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Chayes, Abram, William W. Fisher, Morton J. Horwitz, Frank I. Michelman, Martha L. Minow, Charles R. Nesson & Todd D. Rakoff. The Bridge (1999).
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Representative Publications