Charles Donahue

Paul A. Freund Professor of Law

Representative Publications



Donahue, Charles. Law, Marriage, and Society in the Later Middle Ages: Arguments about Marriage in Five Courts (2007).
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Basile, Mary Beth, Jane Fair Bestor, Daniel R. Coquillette & Charles Donahue. Lex Mercatoria And Legal Pluralism: A Late Thirteenth-Century Treatise and its Afterlife (The Ames Foundation of Harvard Law School first ed. 1998).
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Donahue, Charles, S.E. Thorne, M.E. Hager & M.M. Thorne. Year Books of Richard II: 6 Richard II, 1382-1383, Ames Foundation, Year Books Series (The Ames Foundation 1996).
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Samuel Edmund Thorne: 1907-1994 ( Charles Donahue ed., Cambridge, MA: Harvard Law School 1995).
The Records of the Medieval Ecclesiastical Courts Part II: England ( Charles Donahue ed., Berlin: Duncker & Humblot 1994).
Donahue, Charles, T. Kauper & P. Martin. Cases and Materials on Property: An Introduction to the Concept and the Institution (St. Paul: West Publishing 3rd ed. 1993).
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Donahue, Charles, T. Kauper & P. Martin. A Course in Basic Property (St. Paul: West Publishing 3rd ed. 1993).
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The Records of the Medieval Ecclesiastical Courts Part I: The Continent ( Charles Donahue ed., Berlin: Dunker and Humblot 1989).

Shorter Works in Collection

Donahue, Charles. "Whither Legal History?" in Transformations in American Legal History: Essays in Honor of Morton J. Horwitz 327 (Daniel W. Hamilton & Alfred L. Brophy eds., Harvard University Press, 2009).
Donahue, Charles. "Reform, Renewal, Religion and Social Discipline: Reflections of a Medievalist" in The Law Applied: Contextualizing the Islamic Shari'a: A Volume in Honor of Frank E. Vogel (London, 2008), 1-21 1 (Peri Bearman, Wolfhart Heinrichs & Bernard G. Weiss eds., I.B. Tauris, 2008).
Donahue, Charles. "Reflections on the Editing of Medieval Church Court Records" in Iuris Historia: Liber Amicorum Gero Dolazalek 345 (Vincenzo Colli & Emanuele Conti eds., The Robbins Collection, 2008).
Donahue, Charles. "The Western Canon Law of Marriage: A Doctrinal Introduction" in The Islamic Marriage Contract: Case Studies in Islamic Family Law 46 (Asifa Quraishi & Frank E. Vogel eds., Harvard University Press, 2008).
Donahue, Charles. "Johannes Faventinus on Marriage (With an Appendix Revisitng the Question of the Dating of Alexander III's Marriage Decretals)" in Medieval Church Law and the Origins of the Western Legal Tradition: A Tribute to Kenneth Pennington 179 (Wolfgang P. M?ller & Mary E. Sommar eds., Catholic University of America Press, 2006).
Donahue, Charles. "Comparative Law Before the Code Napol?on" in The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Law 3 (Mathias Reimann & Reinhard Zimmermann eds., Oxford University Press, 2006).
Donahue, Charles. "Benvenuto Stracca's De Mercatura: Was There a Lex mercatoria in Sixteenth-Century Italy?" in From lex mercatoria to Commerical Law, Comparative Studies in Anglo-American and Continental Legal History, 24 69 (Vito Piergiovanni ed., Dunker und Humblot, 2005).
Donahue, Charles. "Bassianus, That Is to Say, Bazianus?--Johannes Bassianus on Marriage" in Scritti in onore di Manlio Bellomo (forthcoming 2004).
Donahue, Charles. "The Mysterious Canonist Bazianus on Marriage?" in Essays in Honor of James Brundage (forthcoming 2004).
Donahue, Charles. "Biography of Gerard Pucelle (d. 1183)" in New Dictionary of National Biography (2004).
Donahue, Charles. "The Emergence of the Crime-Tort Distinction in England" in Conflict in Medieval Europe: Changing Perspectives on Society and Culture 219 (Ashgate: Aldershot, 2003).
Donahue, Charles. "P 265 = JL 16635?: A Mild Heresy Stated and Defended" in "Ins Wasser geworfen und Ozeanae durchquert": Festschrift f?r Knut Wolfgang N?rr 165 (M. Asheri & et al eds., K?ln: B?hlau, 2003).
Donahue, Charles. "Ius in the Subjective Sense in Roman Law: Reflections on Villey and Tierney" in A Ennio Cortese 506 (D. Maffei et al ed., Il Cigno Edizioni, 2001).
Donahue, Charles. "Malchus's Ear: Reflections on Classical Canon Law as a Religious Legal System" in Lex et Romanitas: Essays for Alan Watson 91 (The Robbins Collection, 2000).
Donahue, Charles. "Gerard Pucelle as a Canon Lawyer: Life and the Battle Abbey Case" in Grundlagen des Rechts: Festschrift f?r Peter Landau zum 65 333 (R. Helmholz, P. Mikat, J. M?ller & M. Stolleis eds., Paderborn: Sch?nigh, 2000).
Donahue, Charles. "The Monastic Judge: Social Practice, Formal Rule and the Medieval Canon Law of Incest" in De Iure Canonico Medii Aevi: Festschrift f?r Rudolf Weigand 49 (Studia Gratiania, 1996).
Donahue, Charles. "Women Plaintiffs in Marriage Cases in the Court of York in the Later Middle Ages: What Can We Learn From the Numbers?" in Wife and Widow in Medieval England 183 (S.S. Walker ed., Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1993).
Donahue, Charles. "Property Law" in Encyclopaedia Britannica: Macropaedia 180 (1992).
Donahue, Charles. "English and French Marriage Cases: Might the Differences Be Explained by Differences in the Property Systems?" in Marriage, Property and Succession Comparative Studies in Continental and Anglo-American Legal History 339 (L. Bonfield ed., Berlin: Duncker, 1992).
(Reprinted in A. Garc?a y Garc?a and P. Weimar, eds., Miscellanea Domenico Maffei Dicata: Historia - Ius - Studium (Goldach: Keip, 1995) 4: 283-310)

Articles in a Periodical

Donahue, Charles. "What Happened in the English Legal System in the Fourteenth Century and Why Would Anyone Want to Know?" 63 Southern Methodist University Law Review 949 (2010).
Donahue, Charles. "Papyrology and 3 Canes 175," 27 Law and History Review 179 (2009).
Donahue, Charles. "Private Law Without the State and During its Formation," 56 American Journal of Comparative Law 541 (2008).
Donahue, Charles. "Review, R. H. Helmholz, The Canon Law and Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction from 597 to the 1640s, Oxford History of the Laws of England, 1," 25 Law and History Review 217 (2007) (book review).
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Donahue, Charles. "Review, Anders Winroth, The Making of Gratian's Decretum," 25 Law and History Review 401 (2007) (book review).
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Donahue, Charles. "Aggadic Stories About Medieval Western Jurists?" 24 Din? Israel: Studies in Halakhah and Jewish Law 209* (2007).
Donahue, Charles. "Genesis in Western Canon Law," 16 The Jewish Law Annual 155 (2006).
Donahue, Charles. "Bassianus, that is to say, Bazianus? Bazianus and Johannes Bassianus on Marriage," 14 Rivista internatzionale di diritto commune 14 (2005).
Donahue, Charles. "A Crisis of Law? Reflections on the Church and the Law Over The Centuries," 65 The Jurist 1 (2005).
Donahue, Charles. "Medieval and Early Modern Lex mercatoria: An Attempt at the probation diabolica," 5 Chicago Journal of International Law 21 (2004).
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Donahue, Charles. "Equity in the Courts of Merchants," 1 Tijdschrift voor Rechtsgeschiedenis 72 (2004).
Donahue, Charles. "An Upbeat View of Fourteenth-Century English Justice [review article on Anthony Musson and W.M. Ormrod, The Evolution of English Justice: Law, Politics and Society in the Fourteenth Century," 98 Michigan Law Review 1725 (2000) (book review).
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Donahue, Charles. "Review, J. H. Baker, A Catalogue of English Legal Manuscripts in Cambridge University Library," 43/44 Manuscripta 506 (2000) (book review).
Donahue, Charles. "Biology and the Origins of the English Jury," 17 Law and History Review 591 (1999).
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Donahue, Charles. "Comparative Legal History in North America," 65 Tijdschrift voor Rechtsgeschiedenis 1 (1997).
Donahue, Charles. "Review, R.B. Outhwaite, Clandestine Marriage in England," 70 Journal of Modern History 453 (1997) (book review).
Donahue, Charles. "Theology, Law & Women?s Ordination: Ordinatio sacerdotalis One Year Later," Commonweal, June 2, 1995, at 11.
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Donahue, Charles. "Review, Gratian: The Treatise on Laws (Decretum DD. 1-20 with the Ordinary Gloss)," 81 Catholic Historical Review 427 (1995).
Donahue, Charles. "Was There a Change in Marriage Law in the Late Middle Ages?" 6 Rivista internazionale di diritto commune 49 (1995).
Donahue, Charles. "Ius commune, Canon Law, and Common Law in England," 66 Tulane Law Review 1745 (1992).
Donahue, Charles. "Clandestine Marriage in the Later Middle Ages: A Reply," 10 Law and History Review 315 (1992).
Donahue, Charles. "Comment on R.H. Helmholz ,?Conflicts Between Religious Law and Secular Laws?" 12 Cardozo Law Review 729 (1991).
Donahue, Charles. "A Legal Historian Looks at the Case Method," 19 Northern Kentucky Law Journal 17 (1991).
Donahue, Charles. "Review, R.H. Helmholz (ed.), Select Cases on Defamation to 1600," 65 Speculum: A Journal of Medieval Studies 419 (1990) (book review).

Prefaces or Epilogues

Donahue, Charles. "Introduction" to History in Deed: Medieval Society (Carol Symes ed., Cambridge: President and Fellows of Harvard College, 1993).


Donahue, Charles. Why and Whither Legal History? Inaugural public lecture for the Program on Legal History, Washington and Lee College of Law (October 22, 2004).
Donahue, Charles. Marriage, Family and Children: Twenty Years of Research, paper given at the International Congress of Medieval Canon Law, Syracuse, NY (August 1996).
(Forthcoming in the proceedings of the Congress)
Donahue, Charles. Was There a Change in Marriage Law in the Late Middle Ages?, paper given at conference on Family and Society in the Late Middle Ages, Vancouver, BC (November 1992).
(Forthcoming in proceedings of the conference)
Donahue, Charles. Chaucer?s Raptus (paper given at the Harvard English Department Medieval Studies Group (March 1991).

Representative Publications