Robert C. Clark

Harvard University Distinguished Service Professor

Austin Wakeman Scott Professor of Law

Representative Publications


Clark, Robert C. Corporate Law (Little, Brown 1986).
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Articles in a Periodical
Lorsch, Jay W. & Robert C. Clark. "Leading from the Boardroom," 86, No. 4 Harvard Business Review 104 (2008).
Clark, Robert C. "Major Trends Lead Us Back to Basics," 31 Journal of Corporate Law 591 (2006).
Clark, Robert C. "Moral Systems in the Regulation of Nonprofits: How Value Commitments Matter," Hauser Center Working Papers, October 2006, at No. 33.6.
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Clark, Robert C. "Corporate Governance Changes in the Wake of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act: A Morality Tale for Policymakers Too," 22 Georgia State Law Review 251 (2005).
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Clark, Robert C. "Introduction: Constitutional Lawyering in the 21st Century," 9 Journal of Law and Public Policy 209 (2001).
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Clark, Robert C. "Bases and Prospects for Internationalization of Legal Education in the United States," 18 Dickinson Journal of International Law 429 (2001).
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Clark, Robert C. "In Memorium: David Charny," 114 Harvard Law Review 2227 (2001).
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Clark, Robert C. "In Memoriam: James Vorenberg," 114 Harvard Law Review 1 (2000).
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Clark, Robert C. "Why So Many Lawyers? Are They Good or Bad?" 61 Fordham Law Review 275 (1993).
Clark, Robert C. "Contracts, Elites and Traditions in the Making of Corporate Law," 89 Columbia Law Review 7 (1989).
Clark, Robert C. "The Four Stages of Capitalism," 94 Harvard Law Review 561 (1981).
Clark, Robert C. "Does the Nonprofit Form Fit the Health Care Industry?" 93 Harvard Law Review 1416 (1980).

Prefaces or Epilogues
Clark, Robert C. "Forward" to Law and Investment in Japan: Cases and Materials (Yukio Yanagida et al., 2000).

Miscellaneous Publications
Clark, Robert. Legal Education in the 21st Century: Panel Discussion at the 2000 Judicial Conference, United States Courts for the District of Columbia Circuit, Williamsburg, Virginia, June 15, 2000 [Washington, D.C.: U.S. Courts for the D.C. Circuit, 2000] (with Harry T. Edwards & Judith C. Areen).

Representative Publications