Tomiko Brown-Nagin

Daniel P.S. Paul Professor of Constitutional Law

Professor of History, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University

Co-Director, Program in Law and History

Representative Publications


Reconsidering the Insular Cases: The Past and Future of the American Empire ( Gerald L. Neuman & Tomiko Brown-Nagin eds., Harvard U. Press 2015).
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Brown-Nagin, Tomiko. "The Only Woman in the Courtroom": Constance Baker Motley and Twentieth- Century Struggles for Equality (forthcoming).
Brown-Nagin, Tomiko. Courage to Dissent: Atlanta and the Long History of the Civil Rights Movement (Oxford University Press 2011).
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Shorter Works in Collection
Brown-Nagin, Tomiko. "African Americans and the Constitution" in Oxford Handbook of African American History (Leslie Brown ed., forthcoming 2012).
Brown-Nagin, Tomiko. "The Long, Broad, and Deep Civil Rights Movement: A Tribute to William Nelson" in Tribute to Nelson (New York University Press, forthcoming 2012).
Brown-Nagin, Tomiko. "Hon. Robert L. Carter" in Yale Biographical Dictionary of American Law (Roger K. Newman ed., Yale University Press, 2009).
Brown-Nagin, Tomiko. "Missouri v. Jenkins: Why District Courts and Local Politics Matter" in Civil Rights Stories (Myriam Gilles & Risa Goluboff eds., Foundation Press, 2007).
Brown-Nagin, Tomiko. "The Impact of Lawyer-Client Disengagement on the NAACP Legal Defense Fund's Campaign to Implement Brown v. Board of Education" in From the Grassroots to the Supreme Court: Brown v. Board of Education and American Democracy (Peter F. Lau ed., Duke University Press, 2004).
Brown-Nagin, Tomiko. "Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965" in Major Acts of Congress (Brian K. Landsberg ed., Macmillan Reference USA, 2003).

Articles in a Periodical
Brown-Nagin, Tomiko. "The Civil Rights Canon: Above and Below," 123 Yale L. J. 2698 (2014) (reviewing Bruce Ackerman, Belknap Press, We The People: The Civil Rights Movement (2014)).
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Brown-Nagin, Tomiko. "The Diversity Paradox: Judicial Review in an Age of Demographic and Educational Change (Supreme Court Roundup on Fisher v. Texas)," 65 Vanderbilt Law Review En Banc 113 (2012).
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Brown-Nagin, Tomiko. "Hollow Tropes: Fresh Perspectives on Courts, Politics, and Inequality," 45 Tulsa Law Review 101 (2011) (reviewing Martha Minow, Oxford University Press, In Brown's Wake (2010)).
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(reviewing Martha Minow, In Brown's Wake: Legacies of America's Education Landmark (2010); Paul Frymer, Black and Blue: African Americans, the Labor Movement, and the Decline of the Democratic Party (2007); and Julie Novkov, Racial Union: Law, Intimacy, and the White State in Alabama, 1865-1964 (2008))
Brown-Nagin, Tomiko. ""One of These Things Does Not Belong": Intellectual Property and Collective Action Across Boundaries," 117 Yale Law Journal Pocket Part 280 (2008).
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Brown-Nagin, Tomiko. "Review, Thomas Jackson, From Civil Rights to Human Rights, Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Struggle for Economic Justice (Pennsylvania, 2007); Felicia Kornbluh, The Battle for Welfare Rights, Politics and Poverty in Modern America (Pennsylvania, 2007); Kris Shepard, Rationing Justice: Poverty Lawyers and Poor People in the Deep South (Louisiana State, 2007)," Journal of Southern Legal History, 2008 (book review).
Brown-Nagin, Tomiko. "The Transformative Racial Politics of Justice Clarence Thomas?: The Grutter v. Bollinger Opinion," 7 University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law 787 (2005).
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Brown-Nagin, Tomiko. "Elites, Social Movements, and the Law: The Case of Affirmative Action," 105 Columbia Law Review 1436 (2005).
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Brown-Nagin, Tomiko. "An Historical Note on Stigma as a Rationale for a Civil Rights Landmark," 48 St. Louis University Law Journal 991 (2004).
(Childress Symposium)
Brown-Nagin, Tomiko. "Race as Identity Caricature: A Local Legal History Lesson in the Salience of Intra-Racial Conflict," 151 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 1913 (2003).
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Brown-Nagin, Tomiko. "Toward a Pragmatic Understanding of Status Consciousness: The Case of Deregulated Education," 50 Duke Law Journal 753 (2000).
Brown-Nagin, Tomiko. "The Transformation of a Social Movement into Law?: The NAACP's and SCLC's Civil Rights Campaign Reconsidered In Light of the Educational Activism of Septima P. Clark," 8 Women's History Review 81 (1999).
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Brown-Nagin, Tomiko. Does Protest Work, Protest & Polarization Symposium, Howard University (2012).
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Brown-Nagin, Tomiko. Remembering Movement Lawyers and Viewing Constitutional History from the Bottom Up, University of Georgia, American Constitution Society, C-Span Book TV (April 20, 2011).
Brown-Nagin, Tomiko. On-Camera Interview on Courage to Dissent, C-Span Book Tv, Charlottesville, Va (March 18, 2011).
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Brown-Nagin, Tomiko. On-Air Interview, Thursday Night at TU: The Buck Colbert Franklin Memorial Civil Rights Lecture, KWGS, NPR, Tulsa Affiliate (February 15, 2011).

Miscellaneous Publications
Guinier, Lani with Tomiko Brown-Nagin & Gerald Torres. Amicus Brief for the United States Supreme Court submitted by the Advancement Project in support of Respondents in Fisher v. University of Texas (2012). (forthcoming to be reprinted in Texas es Differente: Considering UT Austin’s Admissions Program in Light of Its Exclusionary History (Liliana Garces, Penn State University Press).

Representative Publications