Gabriella Blum

Rita E. Hauser Professor of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

Representative Publications



Blum, Gabriella & Benjamin Wittes. The Future of Violence: Robots and Germs, Hackers and Drones - Confronting A New Age Threat (Basic Books 2015).
Blum, Gabriella & Philip B. Heymann. Laws, Outlaws, and Terrorists: Lessons from the War on Terrorism (MIT Press 2010).
Blum, Gabriella. Islands of Agreement: Managing Enduring Armed Rivalries (Harvard University Press 2007).
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Shorter Works in Collection

Blum, Gabriella. "Cluster Munitions" in Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law 257 (Rudiger Wolfrum ed., Oxford University Press, 2012).
Blum, Gabriella. "Explosive Remnants of War" in Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law (Oxford University Press, 2009).
Blum, Gabriella & Robert H. Mnookin. "When Not to Negotiate" in The ABA Negotiator's Fieldbook 101 (Andrea K. Schneider & Christopher Honeyman eds., 2006).
Pnina, Sharvit Baruch & Gabriella Blum. "The Legal Framework Applicable to Fighting Terrorism" in The Limited Conflict 327 (Hagai Golan & Shaul Shai eds., 2004).
(in Hebrew)

Articles in a Periodical

Blum, Gabriella. "Re-Envisaging the International Law of Internal Armed Conflict: A Reply to Sandesh Sivakumaran," 22 European Journal of International Law 265 (2011).
Blum, Gabriella. "On a Differential Law of War," 52 Harvard International Law Journal 163 (2011).
Blum, Gabriella. "A Comparative Perspective on Judicial Review of Counterterrorism Operations: Israel," 47 Justice 17 (2010).
Blum, Gabriella. "The Laws of War and the Lesser Evil," 35 Yale Journal of International Law 1 (2010).
Blum, Gabriella. "The Dispensable Lives of Soldiers," 2 Journal of Legal Analysis 69 (2010).
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Blum, Gabriella & Philip B. Heymann. "Law of Policy of Targeted Killing," 1 Harvard National Security Journal 145 (2010).
Blum, Gabriella. "The Role of the Client: The President's Role in Government Lawyering," 32 Boston College International and Comparative Law Review (2009).
(Symposium Issue)
Blum, Gabriella. "The Laws of War and the "Lesser Evil"," 103 American Society of International Law Proceedings 274 (2009).
Blum, Gabriella. "Bilateralism, Multilateralism, and the Architecture of International Law," 49 Harvard International Law Journal 323 (2008).
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Blum, Gabriella. "The Disengagement Plan and the International Community," 21 Negotiation Journal 248 (2005).

Articles in a Newspaper

Blum, Gabriella. "Combating Human Shields: Four Strategies," Congress Monthly, May/June, at 8.
(Vol. 75)
Blum, Gabriella & Martha L. Minow. "The Israeli Model for Detaineees Rights," Boston Globe, October 18.

Representative Publications