Deborah Anker

Clinical Professor of Law

Director, Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic

Representative Publications


Anker, Deborah E. Law of Asylum in the United States (Thompson West 5th ed. 2012).
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Anker, Deborah E. Law of Asylum in the United States (Thompson West 4th ed. 2011).
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Anker, Deborah E. Law of Asylum in the United States: Supplement (Refugee Law Center, Inc. 2002).
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Anker, Deborah E. Law of Asylum in the United States (Refugee Law Center, Inc. 3rd ed. 1999).
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Shorter Works in Collection
Anker, Deborah E. "Corroboration, Credibility and Nexus in Asylum Law" in Immigration Practice Pointers (2012-2013) 466 (American Immigration Lawyers Association, 2012).
Anker, Deborah E. "Gender-based Particular Social Group Claims: Overview" in AILA Immigration & Nationality Law Handbook (American Immigration Lawyers Association, 2011).
Anker, Deborah E., Matthew Muller, Emily Gumper & Jean C. Han. "Any Real Change: Credibility and Corroboration After the REAL ID Act" in Immigration & Nationality Law Handbook 357 (American Immigration Lawyers Association, 2008).
Anker, Deborah E., Lena Ayoub, H. Glenn Fogle Jr. & Matthew Muller. "Stepping Up to the Bar: Exclusions from Asylum and Withholding of Removal Protection" in Immigration & Nationality Law Handbook 348 (American Immigration Lawyers Association, 2007).
Full text: AMAZON (Purchase)
Anker, Deborah E. "Grounds for Asylum, Withholding, and CAT Protection: Current Issues and Recent Developments" in 40th Annual Immigration & Naturalization Institute (Practising Law Institute, 2007).
Anker, Deborah E. "Refugee Law, Gender and the Human Rights Paradigm" in Passing Lines: Sexuality and Immigration (Brad Epps ed., Harvard University Press, 2005).
Anker, Deborah E. "Membership in a Particular Social Group: Recent Developments in U.S. Law" in Proceedings of 2005 Annual Immigration Law Conference (Austin Fragomen ed., Practicing Law Institute, 2005).
Anker, Deborah E. "Women Refugees, Forgotten No Longer?" in Europe and Refugees: A Challenge? (J.Y. Carlier & D. Vanheule eds., Kluwer Law International, 1997).
Anker, Deborah E. "First Asylum Issues under United States Law" in Asylum Law and Practice in Europe and North America: A Comparative Analysis by Leading Experts 125 (Geoffrey Coll & Jacqueline Bhabha eds., Federal Publications, 1992).

Articles in a Periodical
Anker, Deborah E., Nancy Kelly, John Willshire Carrera & Sabrineh Ardalan. "Mejilla-Romero: A New Era For Child Asylum," 12-09 Immigration Briefings, Thompson-Reuters 1 (2012).
Anker, Deborah E. & Sabrineh Ardalan. "Escalating Persecution of Gays and Refugee Protection: Comment on Queer Cases Make Bad Law," 44 N.Y.U. Journal of International Law and Politics 529 (2012).
Full text: WWW
Marouf, Fatma E. & Deborah E. Anker. "Socioeconomic Rights and Refugee Status: Deepening the Dialogue Between Human Rights and Refugee Law," 103 American Journal of International Law 784 (2009).
Full text: SSRN
Anker, Deborah E. & Matthew Muller. "Explaining Credibility Assessment in the Asylum Procedure," 19 International Journal of Refugee Law 599 (2007) (reviewing GREGOR NOLL ed., Explaining Credibility Assessment in the Asylum Procedure (2007)).
(Book Review)
Anker, Deborah E., James L. Cavallaro & S. Shastri. "Towards the Lowest Common Denominator: Canada Guts Post-9/11 Refugee Protection," 9 Bender's Immigration Bulletin 1028 (2004).
Anker, Deborah E. "Refugee Law, Gender and Human Rights Paradigm," 15 Harvard Human Rights Journal 133 (2002).
Anker, Deborah E. "Refugee Status and Violence Against Women in the 'Domestic Sphere'," 15 Georgetown Immigration Law Journal 391 (2001).
Anker, Deborah E., Joan Fitzpatrick & Andrew Shaknove. "Crisis and Cure: A Reply to Hathaway, Neve and Schuck," 11 Harvard Human Rights Journal 295 (1998).
Anker, Deborah E., Lauren Gilbert & Nancy Kelly. "Women Whose Home Governments Are Unwilling To Provide Protection May Qualify As Refugees Under United States Asylum Law," 11 Georgetown Immigration Law Journal 709 (1997).
Anker, Deborah E. "Rape in the Community as a Basis for Asylum; The Treatment of Women Refugees: Claims to Protection in Canada and the United States, Part I & II; Mental Harm and Suffering as Persecution," . Bender's Immigration Law Bulletin . (1997).
(Bi-weekly column from 1997-1998)
Anker, Deborah E. "The Mischaracterized Asylum Crisis: Realities Behind Proposed Reforms," 9 American University Journal of International Law and Policy 29 (1994).
Anker, Deborah E. "Determining Asylum Claims in the United States: A Case Study on the Implementation of Legal Norms in an Unstructured Adjudicatory Environment," 19 New York University School of Law Journal of Law and Social Change 433 (1992).
Anker, Deborah E. "The Legal Position of Foreigners in the United States of America," 11 Comparative Law Yearbook 129 (1992).
Anker, Deborah E. & Carolyn P. Blum. "The Supreme Court's Decision in INS v. Elias-Zacarias: Is There Any 'There' There?" 69 Interpreter Releases 285 (1992).
Anker, Deborah E. "U.S. Immigration and Refugee Policy: A Brief Historical Perspective," 13 Defense of the Alien 74 (1991).
Anker, Deborah E. "Determining Asylum Claims in the United States: An Empirical Case Study," 2 International Journal of Refugee Law 252 (1990).
Anker, Deborah E. "Discretionary Asylum: A Protection Remedy for Refugees Under the Refugee Act of 1980," 28 Virginia Journal of International Law (1988).
Anker, Deborah E. "Neutral Principles Without The Constitution: An Analysis of the Supreme Court's Decision in Jean v. Nelson," VIII Immigration Journal 1 (1985).
Anker, Deborah E. "The Refugee Act of 1980: An Historical Perspective," 5 Defense of the Alien 159 (1984).
Anker, Deborah E. & Michael Posner. "The Forty Year Crisis: A Legislative History of The Refugee Act of 1980," 19 San Diego Law Review 9 (1981).

Anker, Deborah E. Berkeley Journal of Gender, Law, & Justice: Symposium on Gender Migration (2007).

Miscellaneous Publications
Anker, Deborah. Haitian Political Asylum: A Manual For Pro Bono Representation of Guantanamo Haitians (1992).
((October 1992) (co-author))
Review: World Refugee Survey (U.S. Committee for Refugees) (1988).
Immigration Journal (American Immigration Lawyers Association, regular column 1982-1987)

Representative Publications