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Have you heard of plant-based meat that bleeds? Clean meat? Current factory farming practices do not only create health safety concerns but also much environmental concerns. Should the world population increase their meat consumption at current speed, we will deteriorate sustainability of our very own globe. Nicole Negowatti, a Food Law and Policy Clinic Instructor, who holds an expertise in alternative meat innovations and Matt Hayek, a Farmed Law & Policy Fellow, who has an expertise in environmental effects of farming will present a case for these alternate meats, especially the plant-based meats, and discuss regulatory options for this new industry.

Impossible burger (one of the newest plant-based meat invention that attracted media attention because of its similarity to actual meat) will be served for everyone! Do not miss this opportunity to share and taste this new plant-based meat!


January 25, 2018
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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Food Law Society


WCC 2036 Milstein East C


Lee, Unchu
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