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Clickers and the Classroom Experience

“Everyone gets a chance to speak. Because of the charts that show the percentage of who picked a particular answer, the professor was able to get those who didn’t understand the problem back on track.” -HLS Student.

“I used clickers throughout my undergraduate career (as humanities major). I think they could work well as an opening question for 1L courses or for other problem-set based upper-level courses.” – HLS Student.

“I would love (to use clickers in other classes). Not all of us speak in class.” – HLS Student.

The use of clickers, handheld remotes that transmit student responses to professors’ questions onto a projected screen, make a difference in the teaching and learning experience on several levels. While there are other smartphone/internet based options for audience feedback and polling, clickers are a terrific option in settings where laptops and other devices are not allowed or would be a distraction.

Clickers can be used in more settings than just the classroom; students can use them for course-related meetings or events for example, and HLS  Programs and Clinics can use them for student orientations or other events. Clickers can be used to add a component of audience feedback to any course-related event at HLS.

Clicker use has many benefits including helping students express themselves in a less intimidating, less public way that is still productive for learning. In addition, clickers are particularly useful for on-the-spot assessment of student understanding of key concepts.