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Harvard Law School charges each student going to Cambridge regular HLS tuition for the period abroad; tuition costs for Cambridge are billed to Harvard rather than to the student.

Students remain fully eligible for regular Harvard financial aid and student loans for the period of study abroad as if they had remained at HLS for the time in question.

For further information, see the relevant JD Student Financial Services page as well as details about LIPP.

Travel and Living Expenses

Students are responsible for making their own visa and travel arrangements to the United Kingdom and for all associated costs. Students may obtain visas through the closest British Consulate or see

Living and studying abroad can be expensive and students should plan and budget accordingly. To help defray these costs, students in the HLS/Cambridge program receive a budget increase of $3,500. For more details on financial aid packages for participants in the HLS/Cambridge program, please see the JD Financial Services website or contact Denise Ryan.

Housing in one of the “colleges” will be arranged by Cambridge once the student has been offered a position; students are responsible for housing costs.

Medical Insurance

A student must obtain adequate health insurance coverage from an approved provider before departure.

Insurance Waiver

The student may also wish to waive the Blue Cross Blue Shield and University Health Service fees. If, after reviewing all of the options, the student chooses to waive one or more of these fees, s/he must take action by submitting a waiver application to the University Health Services Office. Please review and consult the UHS staff and website for detailed information regarding this decision and process. After the application waiver has been received, the University will submit the student’s name to the Law School Registrar’s office for verification of eligibility. The Registrar will then notify UHS that the student is eligible to waive these fees as a Traveling Scholar/Study Abroad student studying outside the country.

Harvard Travel Assist

Harvard Travel Assist provides medical and security advice and referrals and emergency evacuation services to Harvard travelers abroad. To ensure access to these services, it is crucial that all international travel be registered in the Harvard Travel Registry. More information can be found on the Harvard Travel Assist portal.