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Below is a list of forms commonly used for financial applications. While not exhaustive, we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for. If you see something’s missing, let us know!

Vendor Set-up

  • W-9 – Required when setting up a non-HLS Employee / US Citizen as a vendor for reimbursement. Fax to Vendor Hotline at 5-3600 after submitting your vendor request
  • Zip+Four Look-Up – Required when entering a new vendor or adding a site to a vendor

Reimbursements + Citi Corporate Card + Purchasing Card

Invoices + Payment Requests + Honorariums

  • Bank Draft Authorization Form– To have the check cut in a foreign currency, enclose this form with the payment request
  • Check Inquiry Request Form-Please use this form when you need to request a check to be reissued or when you would like a stop payment to be placed on a check.
  • Newin_lieu_of_invoice_form_916– Please use this form to request payment in situations where it is possible or appropriate for the vendor or individual to provide an invoice (ex. refunds, honoraria, prizes, or fellowship payments).
  • newemergency_check_pickup_form_-Please use this form to request an emergency check to be picked up at 1033 Massachusetts Avenue, 2nd Floor.
  • newdeposit_enclosure_form– Please use this form to request a deposit or other payment type for an event, equipment, or invoice. This service           accommodates situations where an accelerated, one-time payment needs to occur. It is also to be used to request an enclosure with a payment or a special mailing (e.g. including addressed FedEx envelope). If it is a deposit with an enclosure please check both boxes. Place this form on top of all included documents.
  • Request for Payment in Lieu of Invoice-Please use this form if you weren’t given an invoice and a vendor/individial need payment
  • Wire Transfer Form – To wire a payment to a vendor, enclose this form with the payment request. Note the dollar threshold for US wires is +$1000; foreign wires are allowed at any dollar amount

Cash inflow + Credit Vouchers + Gifts

  • Check Redeposit Form-Please use this form when you would like to request that a check be redeposited back into a specific coding string
  • Credit Voucher Form – Cash and checks must be recorded on the Credit Voucher with the correct coding strings and must be typed. Please submit one CV form per type of note (i.e., one CV for US checks, one CV for cash, one for Canadian bank notes, etc.)
  • Gift Transmittal Form – For gifts to HLS, use this form and not a Credit Voucher – you may submit multiple checks per form

Research and Teaching Assistant Payroll

(See also the Student Payroll page for detailed information on payroll.)

  • I-9 Instructions – All students who are working for faculty as Research or Teaching Assistants must complete the I-9 form and supply required documentation within 3 business days of their hire
  • I-9 Writeable Version-Here is the writeable version of the I9
  • I-9 Printable Version-Here is the printable version of the I9
  • Form I-94 for International Students Only – required for employment – submit with I-9 and other immigration documents
  • W-4 for US Students – Annually required federal tax form for US students; submit with I-9
  • M-4 – Massachusetts’ W-4; If you claim the same number of exemptions for Massachusetts and US taxes, complete the US form W-4 only. If claiming EXEMPT, you must complete a Mass Form M-4
  • Direct Deposit Form – Use to set up direct deposit; attach a voided check
  • Research Assistant Set-up Form – supply an RA Set-up Form for each RA position you are applying for
  • Teaching Assistant Set-up Form – supply a TA Set-up Form for each TA position you are applying for
  • Research Assistant Time Sheet – time sheets are due to the HLS Financial Office by noon on Thursday for payment the following Friday
  • Teaching Assistant Time Sheet – for TAs being paid via weekly time sheets; time sheets are due to the HLS Financial Office by noon on Thursday for payment the following Friday