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About HLS Wellness

HLS Wellness, through the Dean of Students Office, offers various programs and workshops throughout the academic year. The programs provide a basis for maximizing healthy living. Workshops and sessions promote lifelong skills intended to bring balance to academic, professional, and personal life.

Wellness Library Spotlight

It is exam period at Harvard Law School.  This may mean added stress and anxiety for many students.  But, it doesn’t have to be. HLS Wellness has many articles and information that may be helpful for you to keep cool, calm, and collected during this time of year.

Wellness Blog Spotlight

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Lifestyle Choices for after Law School

How do you see your life after graduating law school? All work, no play? Little bit of both? If you think you have no control over this outcome, you’re wrong. You absolutely do. So take steps while you’re in law school to impact your lifestyle after.

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Fighting Procrastination: The 2-Minute Rule

One of the more common issues that professionals struggle with is the all-too-common procrastination. LCL presents the 2-Minute Rule to fight procrastination.

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