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Student Organizations at HLS

Student organizations play a major role in shaping the social, cultural and intellectual environment at Harvard Law School (HLS).

Below is a list of all of the student organizations at HLS.


Advocates for Education

The HLS Advocates for Education (A4E) is an organization of students who are passionate about improving our nation’s education system and dedicated to raising awareness about current issues in education law and policy.


African Law Association

The mission of Harvard African Law Association is to unite African students and students interested in Africa, and increase awareness of legal, social and economic issues that shape and concern the continent of Africa.

Alliance for Israel

The Harvard Law School Alliance for Israel is a diverse student organization dedicated to fostering positive, truthful, and responsible discussion of issues affecting the Jewish State.


American Civil Liberties Union

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), a national organization with over 400,000 members, has been at the forefront of the fight to secure and protect the rights guaranteed by our Constitution since 1920.


American Constitution Society

The American Constitution Society for Law and Policy is comprised of law students, lawyers, scholars, judges, policymakers, activists and other concerned individuals who are working to ensure that the fundamental principles of human dignity, individual rights and liberties, genuine equality, and access to justice are in their rightful, central place in American law.


Armed Forces Association

The HLS Armed Forces Association is an organization composed of veterans, active duty military service members, and those who are either interested in joining or supporting the Armed Forces of the United States of America.


Asia Law Society

The Harvard Asia Law Society is a prominent organization at Harvard Law School that brings together students with a common interest in Asia. HALS is extremely diverse and international, with past and current members from not only East Asia and North America, but also from South Asia, Latin America, and beyond.


Asian Pacific American Law Students Association

APALSA is a political, academic, community service, and social group dedicated to fostering a supportive atmosphere for Asian Pacific American students at Harvard Law School. APALSA strives to promote a greater understanding of Asian Pacific American issues and culture, serve as a vehicle for Asian Pacific American political activity, and provide a social and academic network for Asian Pacific Americans and the Harvard Law School community.


Association for Law and Business

Harvard Black Law Students Association

The Harvard Black Law Students Association (HBLSA) was founded in 1967. Today, HBLSA has grown to become the largest chapter in the National Black Law Students Association. Counting over 160 members annually, HBLSA reflects the strong Black community that is so integral to the diversity of Harvard Law School. The Black Law Students Association of Harvard Law School exists for the support, guidance and direction of Black students in academic, professional and social endeavors.


Brazilian Studies Association

The Brazilian Studies Association (HLS BR) is an institution that intends to promote the collaboration between students, scholars, professionals, and individuals who are interested in discussing various issues related to Brazil and Brazilian culture.



Harvard Law School offers an energetic and creative learning environment, a diverse and dedicated faculty—whose expertise spans a broad array of legal subjects—and a student body that comes from every state in the U.S. and more than 70 countries around the world.


Board of Student Advisers

The BSA is a student organization charged with providing several essential services to the Harvard Law School community: we serve as teaching assistants in the First Year Legal Research and Writing Program, as academic and pastoral advisers to members of the first-year class, and as administrators of the Ames Moot Court competition.


Canadian Law Students Association

In addition to providing practical support, eh?LS will also provide a place for community. Providing peer-to-peer support within the Canadian legal market, links to alumni, and advice on which courses travel well from HLS.


Catholic Law Students Association

Catholic Law Students Association is the on-campus home for Catholic students, faculty, and friends in the Harvard Law School community.  The Catholic community at HLS is diverse, and is open to anyone and everyone who is curious about spiritual enrichment, community service, and fellowship.


Chamber Music Society

The Chamber Music Society is a network of musicians at HLS and in the Harvard community, aiming to create a community of music-loving people and to provide opportunities for people to maintain their musical interests amidst the rigors of school.


Child & Youth Advocates

The Child & Youth Advocates (CYA) seeks to build a community of students interested in a wide variety of issues affecting children and youth, including juvenile justice, child welfare, education, and children’s rights. We aim to heighten awareness and encourage discussion of these issues at HLS, facilitate student involvement with children and youth in our community and beyond, and advocate for children’s rights. Our initiatives will enable students to gain practical experience in partnership with different organizations, receive training and exposure to various areas of child advocacy, and connect with one another in pursuit of a career dedicated to children and youth.


China Law Association

The China Law Association (“CLA”) of Harvard Law School is a student organization dedicating to serve Chinese students and scholars at HLS and students who are interested in Chinese law and Chinese society. CLA’s mission is to promote interactions among Chinese students and scholars at HLS and the Harvard community and to promote China awareness at HLS.


Christian Fellowship

The Harvard Law School Christian Fellowship (HLSCF) is a diverse community of students, scholars, and families. Established in 1968, HLSCF is an official, independent, student-led group at HLS and benefit from historic partnerships with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, the Christian Legal Society, and the Harvard Chaplains.


Committee on Sports and Entertainment Law

The Harvard Law School Committee on Sports & Entertainment Law is the heart of sports and entertainment activity at HLS. CSEL works to bring together students and faculty who are interested in the intersection of the sports and entertainment industries and the law.


Couples and Families Association

The Harvard Law Couples Association (HCLA) is a social organization for students, their significant others and their children. The organization offers many activities over the course of the year to encourage social interaction and provide support for those students who have come to Harvard with partners or families.



The HLS Democrats provides a means for Democrats at HLS to become involved in national, state, and local politics, to meet alumni with similar career goals, and to gain insight into the world of politics through organization trips and interactions with guest speakers.


Documentary Studio

The Harvard Law Documentary Studio aims to produce original documentaries that explore social and policy issues. The Documentary Studio will offer not only technical and financial support for student projects, but also a community within which to workshop ideas and develop the craft of storytelling.


Drama Society

The Mission of the Harvard Law School Drama Society is to provide an outlet for creative expression on campus. The Drama Society typically produces a straight play or musical in the fall, as well as the annual HLS Parody in the spring.


Effective Altruists

The primary mission of the HLS Effective Altruists Law Students Association is to foster a culture of giving of HLS. The secondary mission is to encourage donation to proven, cost-effective causes.


Environmental Law Society

The Harvard Environmental Law Society (HELS) is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization directed and staffed by students at Harvard Law School. HELS was founded in 1970 by three Harvard Law students who perceived a pressing need for the Law School, and the law in general, to respond more effectively to the nation’s environmental problems.


European Law Association

The Harvard European Law Association (HELA) is an organization of J.D.s, LL.M.s, and S.J.D.s of all nationalities interested in European and international legal and political issues. HELA aims at creating a dynamic forum for discussing and debating issues, events and theories related to European integration.


Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy

The Harvard Federalist Society is a group of conservative, libertarian, and moderate law students. Our chief goal is to foster balanced and open debate about the fundamental principles of individual freedom, limited government, and judicial restraint. Membership is open to all: our members hold diverse and often conflicting views on a broad range of issues.


Food Law Society

The Food Law Society provides students with hands-on exposure to the numerous issues in law, policy, science and management that confront professionals in the fields of food law and food policy. Members participate in clinical projects and conferences, host speakers, take trips and collaborate with groups throughout the University and the world in their effort to address food issues.



The Forum is a non-partisan student organization of Harvard Law School dedicated to bringing open discussion of a broad range of legal, political and social issues to the Harvard Law School campus.


Golf Club

The Harvard Law Golf Club is a low-commitment organization that strives to make the sport of golf accessible to all Harvard Law School students. Through a collection of fall and spring outings at local courses, students have the opportunity to gain skills that may prove useful in their professional lives and to network and interact with fellow students.


Harassment Assault Law-Student Team

The Harassment Assault Law-Student Team (HALT) is a law student-run organization that advocates for survivors of campus sexual assault, provides trainings and organizes educational events, and serves as a resource for the HLS community.


Health Law Society

Harvard Health Law Society is made up of HLS and other Harvard students interested in health policy, health care law, biotechnology, bioethics, health and human rights, and a range of other health and law topics.

Homelessness Coalition

As the only student group on campus dedicated to involving students in issues surrounding homelessness and poverty, the HLS Homelessness Coalition will fill a void both here on campus and in the surrounding community. As part of the Coalition, students will have the opportunity to learn about homelessness, its causes and effects, and the legal needs of the homeless community through volunteering, advocacy and research. Further, through work at Y2Y Harvard Square, the first student-run youth homeless shelter in the nation, HLS students will be working to serve hundreds  of underserved homeless youth in the Greater Boston Area.


Human Rights and Business Association

The Human Rights and Business Association (HuB) brings together students who have an interest in the continuously developing field of business and human rights, corporate responsibility and accountability. The organization engages students from all Harvard schools and other universities in the greater Boston area in events, workshops and seminars, and provides a space where students can learn more about the field, network with experts, as well as explore future career opportunities.


IM Sports

Harvard Law School fields intramural teams in a number of sports, including basketball, indoor soccer, flag football and frisbee.

In Vino Veritas

In Vino Veritas serves to introduce interested members of the Harvard Law School community to the exciting world of wine at formal tastings, informal blind tasting workshops, and tasting dinners at area restaurants.


International Arbitration Law Students Association

For the first time in the history of Harvard Law School, a student association dedicated exclusively to promote international arbitration has been created! A group of Harvard Law School students, passionate about international arbitration, proposed to the Board of Students the creation of HIALSA to offer a forum for students to learn about and discuss emerging topics in international arbitration and to develop connections between students and successful practitioners.


International JD Society

Harvard Law School’s students come from over seventy countries around the world. In fact, over a tenth of the law school’s student population is international. While many of these students are enrolled in the LL.M. (Master of Laws) program or pursuing an S.J.D. (Doctor of Juridical Science), a significant number belong to the flagship J.D. (Juris Doctor) program.


Italian Law Students Association

The purpose of “HILA” is to promote the study of Italian law, business, culture and society both in light of the Italian millennial legal tradition and of the recent progress of European integration. To foster a multi-disciplinary  network of Italian-affiliated student organizations both at Harvard College and at Harvard Graduate Schools.


Jewish Law Students Association

The Harvard Jewish Law Students Association (JLSA) is a cultural, social, educational, and religious organization that reflects the varied interests of the Jewish student community of Harvard Law School. The organization consists of more than 400 HLS students, Boston-area graduate school students, and others who are interested in Jewish legal affairs or the affairs of the Jewish community at Harvard Law School.


Justice for Palestine

Justice for Palestine (JFP) is a student group founded in 2000 after the start of the second Intifada in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. JFP is a community of HLS students concerned about the lack of campus-wide debate about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the at large misperceptions of the fundamental issues related to Palestine. JFP is committed to a secular, humanist, and legalistic approach to dialogue about Israel/Palestine and seeks to advocate the rights of the Palestinian people.

Korean Association of Harvard Law School

The Korean Association of HLS (KAHLS) is a network of Korean students at Harvard Law. The organization’s goal is to develop a bond among the Korean JDs and LLMs and to function as a bridge between HLS and the larger, university-wide Korean community. It also provides information on events and news of the Harvard community that may be of particular interest to Korean students. Most of all, we are a close bunch and a good group of friends!


La Alianza

La Alianza is an organization dedicated to providing support to Latino/a students at Harvard Law School and increasing understanding of the issues that face Latinos in the United States. La Alianza provides academic and career placement assistance for its members.


Labor and Employment Action Project

The HLS Labor and Employment Action Project is an organization of students interested in labor and employment issues. We feel that the power of working people to organize themselves has become more, not less, essential in today’s changing economy, and undertake to explore and support such organization. Therefore, our activities include both education of ourselves and our community on labor and employment issues, and activism where we see a need to lend our voices to local or national struggles.


Lambda is a community of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, queer and allied students at Harvard Law School. As a social and political student organization, Lambda provides programming and events to serve LGBTQ students and allies at HLS. Lambda also plays an active role in the LGBTQ rights movement by organizing and sponsoring conferences, networking with national LGBTQ rights leaders, and connecting students with research and academic opportunities and activism related to gender and sexuality.


Latter-day Saints

The Harvard Law School Latter-day Saints (HLLDS) is made up of HLS students and their families who are members of, or interested in, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. HLLDS provides support for students seeking to maintain a spiritual foundation during their study of the law and allows members to associate with other students who have similar religious backgrounds and interests. HLLDS became an official chapter of the J. Reuben Clark Law Society in 2005.


Law and International Development Society

The Harvard Law & International Development Society (“LIDS”) is the premier student-run organization at Harvard University focused on issues at the intersection of law, policy and international development. LIDS members are graduate students at Harvard Law School, the Kennedy School of Government, the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, the Harvard School of Public Health, the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and other graduate schools in the Boston area.


Law & Behavioral Science (LaBS)

Law & Behavioral Science (LaBS) is a student organization helping to bring groundbreaking behavioral science research that has profound implications for law and policy-making to the Harvard Law School community.


Law and Philosophy Students Association

Philosophy allows lawyers to understand the values and concepts inherent in the doctrine and determine the ideals we want our legal institutions to promote. The HLS Law & Philosophy Students Association offers a forum to discuss the ideas that will guide our work and our lives.  


Law Students for Life

Harvard Law Students for Life is a student-run, non-partisan, non-religious organization. We aim to provide a community in which students can develop pro-life approaches to moral and legal questions, and to advocate for pro-life perspectives in the broader law school community.

Harvard Law Students for Life believes that every human being possesses an inherent and inalienable right to life; that life begins at the moment of conception; and that justice demands protecting the dignity of the human person at every stage of life. Harvard Law Students for Life is dedicated to peacefully promoting its beliefs through education, discussion, community engagement, advocacy, and scholarship.


Mexican Law Students Association

The Mexican Law Student Association reunites persons with special interest in issues related to Mexican domestic law and politics. “MxLSA” intends to reunite both Mexican nationals and foreign nationals to cooperate in projects aiming to generate a discussion regarding Mexican domestic issues and Mexico’s international relations.


Middle Eastern Law Students Association

The Middle Eastern Law Students Association (MELSA) was created to promote a better understanding of the cultures, politics, and legal institutions of the Middle East, and to encourage students connected with the region to meet and exchange views. MELSA’s membership roster has included students who are American, Armenian, Egyptian, Indian, Iranian, Iraqi, Israeli, Jordanian, Lebanese, Libyan, Pakistani, Saudi, Syrian, and Turkish. Students from all countries are warmly welcomed.


Midwest Club

The HLS Midwest Club is comprised of students from the Midwest and those interested in working in the region. It gives students a chance to meet others from the Midwest socially and to learn more about relevant job opportunities.


Mindfulness Society

The Mindfulness Society is a student society devoted to the practice of meditation as part of leading a balanced life as students, and in the future as lawyers. We provide guided mediation sits multiple times a week for the Harvard Law community and arrange periodically for introductory meditation courses and related talks to be provided on campus.

Moot Court Board

The Harvard Moot Court Board is dedicated to promoting and supporting Harvard Law School’s various international and national moot court teams. The Board encourages students to participate in moot court competitions, coordinates efforts between various teams, finances Harvard contingents, and stores experiential information for the benefit of future generations of mooters.


Muslim Law Students Association

The Harvard Muslim Law Students Association is a student-run organization that serves Muslim law students by acting as a nexus of community-building, increasing awareness of issues that particularly impact Muslims, and organizing events to foster relationships between Muslim students across Harvard.

National Lawyers Guild – HLS Chapter

The National Lawyers Guild is dedicated to the need for basic change in the structure of our political and economic system. It seeks to unite the lawyers, law students, legal workers and jailhouse lawyers to function as an effective force in the service of the people, to the end that human rights shall be regarded as more sacred than property interests.


National Security and Law Association

NSLA’s only objective is to promote discourse on national security at Harvard Law School. The organization brings distinguished national security scholars and practitioners to campus for lunchtime lectures, assists members with career advice and networking opportunities, provides academic resources to the entire Harvard community, and produces high-quality reports on pressing national security matters.


Native American Law Students Association

The Harvard Native American Law Students Association (NALSA) is a student-run organization dedicated to fostering a supportive atmosphere for Native American students at Harvard Law School, and is composed of Native American law students and students interested in issues affecting the Native community.


Outdoors Club

Queer and Trans People of Color (QTPOC)

For students standing at the intersection of marginalized communities, entering Harvard Law School can be an emotionally taxing endeavor. As a new student affinity group, QTPOC imagines a community in which queer and racial/ethnic identities receive equal weight. This enables collaboration with queer and POC affinity groups while also enabling tailored discussions on topics and issues uniquely relevant to queer and trans individuals that identify as people of color.


Reparatory Justice Initiative

The Harvard Law School Reparatory Justice Initiative (RJI) was founded to explore what it means to repair social relationships defined by historical harms, through the lens of reparatory justice. RJI focus areas for discussion and cross-pollination of ideas include reparations in the U.S. context, regionally in the Caribbean, and in the international transitional justice and human rights arenas. They also consider the role of education, truth, and memory as non-monetary elements of reparatory justice, and the search for common ground with the wide range of voices that remain skeptical of reparations.


Reproductive Justice

HLS for Reproductive Justice is the Harvard branch of a nationwide organization, Law Students for Reproductive Justice, that focuses on the promotion of reproductive justice as a central civil and human right.

The mission of HLSRJ is to advocate for the promotion of reproductive rights and to educate Harvard students about reproductive justice issues facing women across different spheres – domestic and international, from different ethnic and cultural communities, and from varying economic backgrounds.


The HLS Republicans aim to provide a social community for moderate and conservative Republicans and to represent the ideals of the Republican Party on the HLS campus.



The Rootstrikers raise awareness within the Harvard Law School community of the influence of money in American politics, and to engage those students in acting as representatives of Rootstrikers – a national nonprofit 501(c)4, nonpartisan organization. Through events, workshops, and advocacy campaigns, Harvard Law School Rootstrikers work with members of the Harvard community to emphasize the role that congressional corruption plays in impeding significant legislative and regulatory progress, as well as undermining the American democratic process on local, state, and federal levels.


Rowing Club

The HLS Rowing Club is a student organization for rowers and those who are interested in learning to row. Our members train on the Charles River out of Harvard’s Weld Boathouse, in addition to hosting social events and organizing group workouts. Our members scull individually and sweep together in an 8+ that belongs to the club. Our rowers also participate in train and race with members of Harvard Business School rowing club. Past races have included the Head of the Charles, and trips to the Wharton Springs race in Philadelphia.

Running Club

The HLS Running Club is a group of student runners of all ability levels. The Cambridge area offers many scenic runs on roads and trails and is a wonderful place to start running or continue training for your next big event. The HLS Running Club welcomes anyone affiliated with the Harvard community to run with us, whether you’re looking to stretch your legs after a long day of class and studying, or are training for your next marathon.

Scales of Justice

Scales of Justice is Harvard Law School’s very own co-ed a capella ensemble, a close-knit group of 12-15 singers from various musical backgrounds, dedicated to bringing harmony to Harvard Law. The Scales of Justice perform regularly for the HLS community, alumni reunions, and other graduate schools, and also do special performances by request for professors seeking audio-visual aids and for student parties and charitable events, including the Public Interest Auction.


South Asian Law Students Association

The Harvard South Asian Law Students Association (SALSA) provides a forum for those in the Harvard Law School community interested in South Asian American and South Asian legal issues.

SALSA aims to seed dialogue in the legal, cultural, and political contexts through lectures, panels, film screenings, and social events and to connect students to legal professionals and firms interested in diversity outreach.


Student Animal Legal Defense Fund

The HLS Student Animal Legal Defense Fund (SALDF) is a group of students who care about animals and the issues facing them. HLS SALDF was founded in 1995 as a student chapter of the Animal Legal Defense Fund, a national organization of lawyers engaged in litigation and legislative efforts on behalf of animals. HLS SALDF has four major goals:

  1. providing support, education, and work opportunities for students interested in animal rights or welfare law;
  2. educating the HLS community about issues facing animals, including institutionalized forms of animal abuse and the means of combating them through legislation and litigation;
  3. offering social functions for students interested in vegetarian and vegan food. You don’t need to be a vegetarian to be in SALDF, but we provide many opportunities for you to explore delicious vegetarian and vegan cuisine; and
  4. providing assistance to animals who are currently suffering through student fundraising and volunteering.


Student Mental Health Association

The Harvard Law School Student Mental Health Association for (SMHA) serves to:

1)    To provide an understanding, compassionate ear for anyone seeking support
2)    To eliminate mental health stigma in all its forms on the law school campus and in the field of law
3)    To raise awareness of mental health resources on campus
4)    To promote cultural, anthropological, and sociopolitical study of mental health and illness in the global context
5)    To participate in the international mental health rights movement


Student Government

The primary and most important purpose of Student Government is to advocate for the interests of the student body, to the faculty, administration, and others whose decisions affect student life at HLS. Student Government also serves to:

  • To organize and provide services to the student body, to the extent that those services are not provided
    by HLS.
  • To organize events that promote campus-wide community-building.
  • To oversee the formation of student groups at HLS.


Students for AMF

Students for Inclusion

Students for Inclusion (SFI) is committed to ensuring that the educational environment at Harvard Law School is one that fosters productive and contextualized conversations on matters related to race, gender, and class. SFI dedicates its energy and resources to ensuring that the Harvard Law School experience is one that is inclusive of voices and experiences that have traditionally been marginalized in higher education and in the legal field.


Students for Sustainable Investment

Students for Sustainable Investment (SSI) is a growing number of students and faculty from Harvard and schools around the world who support fossil fuel divestment, environmental justice, and climate-focused shareholder activism.


The Supero Law Students Association is a student organization at Harvard Law School dedicated to supporting the academic, personal, and professional careers of students who are from low-income backgrounds, are first-generation college graduates, or have a disability. The organization also welcome allies who are interested in socioeconomics and disability in the law. Whether it is discussing how to better deliver legal services to marginalized communities or increase accessibility under the ADA, Supero welcomes everyone. 


Target Shooting Club

The HLS Target Shooting Club aims to give HLS students an opportunity to learn and practice shooting firearms in a safe and enjoyable setting. Join us to learn about gun safety and gain hands-on experience with different kinds of guns. Past outings have included handguns and rifles on an indoor range, as well as skeet shooting and other shotgun sports in the outdoors.

We will arrange two to three outings to a shooting range this year, as well as some other activities. All levels of experience are welcome–as are members of all political persuasions, regardless of their position on gun control or the Second Amendment. Non-HLS friends and family are also welcome on our outings.

Tax Help Club

HLS TaxHelp provides low-income individuals and families with free, confidential tax assistance in preparing state and federal tax returns. Volunteer students receive all the necessary training and are certified through the IRS.


Tax Law and Financial Regulation Students Association

A student organization with the purpose to introduce students to two of the most complex areas of law-tax law and financial regulatory law. Providing practical insight when it comes to questions regarding equality, fair chances, and distribution of wealth that compliment in-class education.


Tennis Club

The Texas Club


The Urbanists convene a community of students interested in creating better communities. We welcome those interested in local government, urban planning, real estate, economic development, or public policy. We strive to build a forum for meaningful conversation around these issues through events, field trips, and partnerships with other Harvard institutions.


West Coast Law Students Association

The West Coast Law Students Association’s mission is to provide a platform for community building at Harvard Law School for students from, or those interested in working in, the West Coast region of the United States. WCLSA is dedicated to supporting the academic, personal, and professional development of its membership. WCLSA goals include educating WCLSA members about West Coast’s legal landscape, fostering long-lasting professional relationships, assisting HLS students in identifying, applying, and securing employment opportunities, as well as providing a forum for cultural exchange and integration.


Women’s Law Association

The Harvard Women’s Law Association’s mission is to support women at Harvard Law School by preparing them to succeed as students and lawyers, while providing exceptional programming that enhances the social, political, and professional lives of HLS students.