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HLS Orgs

Harvard Law School Student Organization leadership changes each year.

Below are the current names and contact information for each HLS student org.

Student Org 2015-16 OFFICERS
Abigail Adams Society Rebecca Jeffries
Brook Jackling
Advocates for Education Renuka Rege
African Law Association Pamela Nwaoko
Alliance for Israel  Asher Herzog
American Civil Liberties Union Kenneth Monroe
Brandon Levey
American Constitution Society Megan Marks
AMF Shammas Malik
Armed Forces Association Nate MacKenzie
Loren Voss
Asia Law Society Isaac Ho
Mengqi Zhang
Asian Pacific American Law Students Association Cindy Guan
Michael Ye
Association for Law and Business Alex Rienzie
Camden Nunery
Beeritas Austin Anderson
Black Law Students Association Leland Shelton
Brazilian Association Michel Haber Neto
Canadian Law Students Association Leora Smith
Peter Willis
Catholic Law Students Association Dennis Mahoney
Chamber Music Society Emma Buchsbaum
Lan Mei
Child and Youth Advocates Cecilia Xie
China Law Association Jin (Nyx) Nie
Christian Fellowship Camden Nunery
Gregory Escobar
Committee on Sports and Entertainment Law Marisa Weisbaum
Couples and Family Association Amber Chang
Crew (Co-Ed) Gizem Orbey
Democrats Sarah Gitlin
Joseph Stern
Documentary Studio Sam Koplewicz
Drama Society Mario Cuttone
Jason Joffe
Effective Altruists Jon Holbrook jholbrook@jd16.
Kurt Krieger
Environmental Law Society Byron Ruby
European Law Association Elizabeth Bramon
Federalist Society Joshua Esses
Food Law Society Alexander Leone
Forum Kelsey Skaggs
Golf Club Marissa Florio
Christopher Kimmel
Harvard International Arbitration Law Student Association (HIALSA) Zain Jinnah
Health Law Society Elizabeth Guo
Homelessness Coalition Lauren Gabriel
Rachel Granetz
IM Sports Football-
Soccer- Clara Spera
Frisbee- Matthew Lee
Harry Rudo
In Vino Veritas Jacqueline Yue
Parun Cheong
International JD Students Victoria Abraham
Michelle Ye
Italian Law Students Association Alessandra La Vaccara
Arianna Pagliacci
Demetrio Maltese
Marco Imperiale
Michela Mancini
Jewish Law Students Association Jonathan Gartner
Korean Association Dongeun Ana Choi
Jumin Lee
La Alianza Nadia Arid
Labor Employment Action Project
Lambda Mickey Belaineh
Anna Joseph
Latter Day Saints Student Association Kurt Krieger
Benson Richards
Law and International Development Society Sam Datlof
Liz Loftus
Law and Mind Sciences Patrick Gutierrez
Mexican Law Students Association Claudia Torres Patino
Marien Rivera Carrillo
Middle Eastern Law Students Association Sahand Moafry
Midwest Club Mengjie Zou
Tyler Mordecai
Moot Court Board Anusha Pamula
Amanda Tuninetti
Danielle Young
Paige von Mehren
Muslim Law Students Association Aya Saed
Noor Zafar
National Lawyers Guild Mihal Ansik
J. Ted Hamilton
National Security and the Law Association Audra Herrera
Native American Law Students Association Esther Labrado
Aharon Kaslow
One Days Work
Outdoors Cub James DiGiovanni
Queer and Trans People of Color(QTPOC) Antuan Johnson
Jenae Moxie
Real Estate Association Josh Friedmann
Lisa McJohn
The Record Michael Shammas
Lindsay Church
Reproductive Justice Daniel Groh-Wargo
Caroline Chiappetti
Republicans Zack Bluestone
Kirk Jing
Rootstrikers Ally Chiu
Joseph Breen
John Myers
Sara Murphy
Rowing Club Gizem Orbey
Crispin Smith
Running Club John Beck
Scales of Justice Anthony Lombardi
SJD Association
Soccer Club Peter Arnaboldi
Social Enterprise Law Association Thea Sebastian
Softball Club Will Burgess
South Asian Law Students Association Sonam Patel
Student Animal Legal Defense Fund Alene Anello
Student Government Kyle Strickland
Student Mental Health Assoc. Taylor Poor
Ariel Simms
Students for Inclusion Rena Karefa-Johnson
Faye Maison
Supero Mario Nguyen
Emily Seelenfreund
Sustainable Investment Kelsey Skaggs
Target Shooting Club Andrew Hanson
James D’Cruz
Tax Help Club Alexander Slichko
Tax Law and Financial Regulation Students Association Natalia Rynkiewicz
Sime Jozipovic
Tennis Club Abbey Keister
Texas Club Rosemary Parravano
Catherine Essig
Transfer Students Association Hunter Mims
Suria Bahadue
Women’s Law Association Kenyon Colli
Natalie Vernon