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Harvard University Shuttles and Vans

Local Harvard Shuttle Bus Service (617.495.0400)

The Shuttle Bus is designed to provide students, faculty and staff with safe, convenient transportation on the Cambridge and Allston campuses throughout the academic year, except during recesses and a slightly reduced service during the January Term. The service is free to members of the Harvard community. There are several routes that zigzag throughout Harvard University’s campuses. For the complete schedule, click here. You can also see where the shuttles are live anytime you want with Shuttle Tracker For the Web and For your Mobile Device. Pocket-sized schedules are available throughout the campuses, including the Information Center located in the Holyoke Center arcade, House offices, libraries, dining halls, and shuttle buses. For more information, call 617.495.0400.

Medical School Shuttle Service (617.632.2800)

The Medical School Shuttle (M2) is operated by MASCO (Medical, Academic, Scientific, and Community Organization) year-round, Monday through Saturday, between Johnston Gate and the Longwood Medical Area. For schedule information, please call 632-2800. Tickets and passes may be purchased in advance at 350 Longwood Avenue or at the Cash Receipts Office, 368 Holyoke Center. Medical students may ride free by showing a valid HMS photo ID to the driver.

Fully Accessible Daytime Van Service (617.495.0400), TTY: (617.496.6642)

The Daytime Van Service is intended for persons who, because of mobility impairment or medical condition, find it difficult or impossible to use the regular shuttle bus. Transportation is door to door within the Cambridge and Allston campuses. Rides in the van are by appointment only. All law school student riders must be authorized in advance by Lakshmi Clark in the Dean of Students Office by phone at 617-496-2437 or email at lclark@law. Service times vary for academic, weekend, summer, and recess periods. Please call 617-495-0400 for specific service times and reservation requirements.

Fully Accessible Evening Van Service (617.495.0400)

The Evening Van Service is designed to provide safe transportation throughout the Cambridge and Allston campuses as a supplement to the Shuttle Bus. Rides are free and available on demand between 7:00pm and 3:00am nightly (last call received at 2:30am). Please call (617-495-0400) for more information and service requests.

HLS North Shuttle

A fully accessible, multi-passenger vehicle (12 passenger van, 2 wheelchairs) designed to transport Harvard University Community members to Somerville and Cambridge locations. The driver will ask for valid Harvard IDs to document rider ship and affiliation. The shuttle departs from the parking lot in front of the Lewis International Law Center (1557 Massachusetts Ave)

The driver will ask for valid Harvard ID’s to document rider ship. Other Information: Riders should call 617-495-0400 for customer service or send emails to

Motorist Assistance Program (617-496-HELP)

Transportation Services provides free on-campus emergency road service for faculty, staff, students, and visitors who need help charging a dead battery, changing a tire, or retrieving keys that have been locked inside a car. This service is available between 8am and midnight, Monday through Friday (except University holidays). Please call (617-496-HELP).


Harvard students, faculty and staff can join Zipcar for only $25/year! Join Zipcar and get access to all of our cars – 24/7. Rent MINIs, VWs, hybrids and more – by the hour ($8.50/hour) or day ($60/day). Rates include gas, insurance and designated parking. Simply reserve online, let yourself in with your Zipcard and drive away. Harvard students, faculty and staff pay no application fee, no monthly minimum, no membership deposit. You only need to be 21+ to join. Zipcars are available all over Boston, New York and Washington DC.

MBTA or The “T”

The Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA or simply the “T”) runs a massive network of public transportation options. They’re also using better and better technology on their website to make their services easier to use. For example, you can use the trip planner to provide a starting and ending location and find the best public transit route in between accessing all MBTA services. You can also download the latest schedules for routes you use regularly to your Palm device or Pocket PC and be able to check the next three buses, trains, etc. at any time. In concert with the MBTA, Harvard Law School offers students the opportunity to sign-up for the MBTA Semester Pass Program at a discount of 25%.

Local Taxis

Cambridge Taxi – (617) 252-3333 & (617) 259-6668 Ambassador Brattle Taxi and Yellow – (617) 492-1100 Cambridge Checker Cab – (617) 497-1500 Cambridge Cab Co – (617) 498-0006 Cambridge Union Taxi – (617) 661-2500 The information on this page has been researched and provided by the Dean of Students office. If you find that any of this information is no longer current, or if you have additional questions that are not answered here, please send an email to dos @ law.

Looking for a few things to do during your first few weeks at HLS? The Dean of Students Office has come up with a somewhat exhaustive list of activities. Want to add to this list or have a question? Get in touch with us at dos [at] or call us at 617-495-1880.