DOS Staff Photo

Ellen Cosgrove, Associate Dean and Dean of Students


Dean Cosgrove is the primary advocate for law students within the Law School and the University. She counsels students on academic, personal, and professional matters. Together with the members of the staff, she coordinates and supports a range of student services, programming, special events, and residence life. She serves as the liaison between students and the Administrative Board (which handles matters involving student discipline and exceptions to faculty and administrative rules). Dean Cosgrove graduated from Mount Holyoke College in 1984 and spent four years in corporate and investment banking in New York prior to attending law school. She graduated from The University of Chicago Law School in 1991 and spent 8,325 billable hours in private practice at LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae (an international law firm now defunct). She has been a law school Dean of Students since 1995 (at Chicago from 1995 to 2004 and at Harvard since 2004). She has been singled out by the graduating classes at both Chicago (2001) and Harvard (2006 and 2009) for awards recognizing her contributions to the law school community. Most recently, she was honored by students as part of the Harvard Law International Women’s Day 2015 Portrait Exhibit showcasing the “astounding contributions of women around the world to the areas of law and policy.”

Dean Cosgrove is currently serving as a Trustee of Mount Holyoke College, a Trustee of the Practicing Law Institute, a non-profit continuing legal education (CLE) organization, and a Director of Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, Massachusetts Lawyer Assistance Program, the official confidential counseling and referral resource for Massachusetts law students, lawyers and judges and their families. She previously served on the Association of American Law Schools’ Executive Committee for Student Services and has consulted with other law schools. She is a member of the New York Bar.

Louis Arcudi, Accessibility Services Assistant


As the Accessibility Services Assistant, Louis Arcudi provides services and support to ensure that all students are able to access and participate in the opportunities at Harvard Law School. Louis specializes in adaptive technology, specifically providing electronic versions of course materials, access to course content, and emerging technologies in the disability field. In addition to providing disability services, Louis coordinates HLS Wellness, an initiative that promotes academic, physical, emotional, spiritual, and social wellbeing through comprehensive programming. Louis received his bachelor’s degree from Boston University.

Chloe Bush, Sections and Events Coordinator


As Sections and Events Coordinator, Chloe oversees the 1L Program, coordinating all activities and events with Faculty Section leaders and Section Social Committees. In addition, she manages all graphic design for the Dean of Students Office, Student Organizations, and Student Journals. Chloe is also the primary contact for DOS event support. Originally from the Chicago area, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Communications from Boston University. Outside of HLS, Chloe enjoys exploring new cities, new hot spots and planning for retirement.

Lakshmi Clark-McClendon, Assistant Director of Student Services


Lakshmi Clark-McClendon is the Assistant Director of Student Services. She is responsible for managing the facilitation of law student access to academic, co-curricular, and social activities at the University. Lakshmi oversees the coordination of disability-related accommodations for the Harvard Law School community, wellness programming, and is also the primary contact for law student emergency or illness. Before joining the Dean of Students Office, she worked at New York University’s Moses Center for Students with Disabilities. She has a Master of Arts in Learning Disabilities from Teachers College, Columbia University and a Master of Arts in Higher Education and Student Affairs from New York University.

Tracey-Ann Daley, Student Activities Coordinator


Tracey is a familiar face in the Dean of Students Office. Although she is now the Student Activities Coordinator mainly advising and supporting our student leaders in their co-curricular and extracurricular activities, she is always there with a ready smile and available to help. Tracey earned her Bachelor’s degree from Northeastern University in Boston and working in the Athletics Department at MIT. She is no stranger to the Boston area so you can pick her brain on interesting places to go in the city. Feel free to test her on any sports, movie or music trivia.
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Edgar Filho, Staff Assistant


Edgar works at the front desk of the Dean of Students Office and is the liaison for all DOS emails, phone calls and in-person requests. He also assists with various DOS events and activities. Working at Harvard University since 2003, he recently joined DOS after 2 years in Landscape Services and 8 years in HLS Facilities Management. Edgar has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is certified as a Medical Interpreter. He is originally from Guaira-PR, Brazil and enjoys movies, bicycling and exploring the United States.

Aubrey Leas, Staff Assistant


Aubrey works at the front desk of the Dean of Students Office where she answers email, phone calls, and in-person questions, and also directs students to campus resources. She assists with student programming, such as Commencement & Orientation, and works closely with the Dean on issues related to the Administrative Board. Aubrey worked in Widener Library at Harvard College Library since 2012, prior to joining the DOS office. She holds a B.A. in Political Science, and a B.A. in Communications from Salisbury University, and an M.Ed. from Northeastern University in Higher Education Administration. She enjoys gardening, hiking, camping and exploring the Boston area.

Jeffrey McNaught, Director of Student Affairs


Jeff McNaught is the Director of Student Affairs. He oversees a range of activities from student organizations and journals, to moot court competitions, and housing/residential life. Jeff is responsible for the planning, implementation, and execution of campus-wide activities including Orientation, Commencement, conferences, and other events. Before joining the Dean of Students Office, Jeff worked for Harvard University as a Facilities & Operations Manager, stationed at Harvard Law School. Prior to that, Jeff worked at Harvard Law School in the Office of Event Scheduling and Support; and practiced law at a local law firm in Melrose, MA. Jeff is an active member of the Massachusetts Bar. He received his law degree from New England Law | Boston, and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Louise O’Connell, Finance and Office Manager


Louise O’Connell is the Finance and Office Manager for the Dean of Students. She is responsible for monitoring all DOS financial transactions and managing all DOS budgets. She forecasts expenditures for departments, organizations, journals, the First Year Program and the Board of Student Advisers. Other responsibilities include cash, checks, credit card sales, reimbursements and invoices. Louise has worked at Harvard University for 25 years and has a great deal of knowledge of financial applications and policies. She has a Master’s degree in Nonprofit Management from Northeastern University and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Northeastern University in Boston, MA. Louise enjoys the outdoors.

Mel Pelletier, Student Housing Coordinator


Mel Pelletier is the Student Housing Coordinator in the HLS Dean of Students Office. She oversees all aspects of housing on campus including the lottery, move in and move out logistics, and billing. She also works with her amazing team of resident advisors to make sure that each dorm is a pleasant and respectful place to be on a daily basis. Before joining the Dean of Students Office, Mel traveled the Northeast working in college housing at institutions such as Iona College, Boston University, and the New England Institute of Art. She has a Masters in Higher Education Administration from Boston University and a Bachelor of Arts in English and Dramatic Literature from Clark University. While Mel is always reachable to manage housing, she is also an avid Red Sox fan and an artist.

Sheena Prosper, Student Journals Coordinator


As the Student Journals Coordinator, Sheena oversees the journals operation and the publications cycle for 17 Law Journals. In addition, Sheena manages the journals finances and helps coordinate journals symposia and events. She is known to create a fun and friendly environment where the Student Journals staff can feel free to inquire about any journals related issues. In 2003 Sheena joined the University by working in Financial Administration and began her HLS career in the Financial Office before moving to the Dean of Students Office in 2008. Sheena has an A.S. in Human Resources Management, a B.S. in Political Science and a certificate in Business Administration
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Stephanie Russo, Accessibility Services Associate


Stephanie Russo is the Accessibility Services Associate in the Dean of Students Office. She works with the Assistant Director of Student Services to provide disability and housing accommodations. Additionally, she helps to provide support to HLS students during mental, physical, and emotional emergencies. Stephanie is dedicated to creating a welcoming and supportive environment and believes that no question is too small. She earned her Master’s Degree in Higher Education, Student Affairs at Salem State University and her Bachelor’s Degree in Education and English at Stonehill College.

Yvonne Smith, Administrative Coordinator, Board of Student Advisers


Yvonne Smith manages the Board of Student Advisers (BSA). The BSA is a student organization charged with providing several essential services to the Harvard Law School community. The members of the BSA serve as teaching assistants in the First Year Legal Research and Writing Program, and as academic and pastoral advisers to members of the first-year class. Yvonne oversees and monitors and manages the committees that perform the functions of the BSA, including Upper Round Ames, Orientation, First Year Ames, Williston and Course Evaluations. Yvonne has worked at Harvard Law School since 1987.

Lizz Riggs, Online Coordinator


Lizz is the Online Coordinator in the Dean of Students Office. She trains and supports students in maintaining and editing the student journal and student organization websites, and assists in any marketing efforts of the groups. In addition, she maintains the student services portion of the HLS website and acts as the online liaison to many other departments on campus. Originally from Savannah, Georgia, Lizz has a Bachelor of Arts in English from Appalachian State University.