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HLS Quad

Choosing to come to law school involves, for many of us, a decision to have a career that in some way involves the law.  Choosing a professional school of any kind involves, for many of us, a decision to start on the formal chapter of our careers.  With that decision come a number of considerations, all of which are equally as important as what job (or, more likely, jobs) we will have after professional school.  As students and professionals, we must consider not just our professional development but also our personal relationships, commitment to community, service to others, our role in the world.  The Living Well in the Law program endeavors to complement the teaching of the skills and substance of the law with attention to and development of each student’s sense of purpose as both a professional and a person.


Looking for more information about Living Well in the Law initiatives? Have a question or concern? Contact the HLS Dean of Students Office by e-mailing dos@law or by calling us at 617-495-1880.