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Renters Insurance

Like homeowners insurance, a basic renters insurance policy will cover you in case your belongings are lost due to burglary, fire, burst water pipes and the like. It will also provide liability coverage should someone be injured on your property. Depending on your policy, it may also cover loss and damage to your property in transit (in your car, during a move, etc.) Renters insurance is also relatively inexpensive- most renters can get complete coverage for around $200/year or less. For more information on renters insurance, there are several articles at

Most major insurance agents (the type that would insure your car) offer renters insurance. Students who live in on-campus HLS Housing are automatically billed for a required policy with CSI Insurance. They specialize in property protection for University students.

Short Term Health Insurance

Short term health insurance or “bridge” insurance is health insurance that will cover you for a short period of time between two other periods of coverage. As it pertains to students, this is usually the time between when your Harvard University coverage stops (July 31st of the year you graduate) and coverage from your job begins. Meyer and Associates and Student Resources are two companies that specialize in bridge insurance.

Be certain to read carefully any short term health insurance policy that you are interested in purchasing. Most will not cover pre-existing conditions, mental health services, or maternity care and many will have severe limitations on prescription drug coverage. Short term health insurance is also not available in all states. Laws in Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Vermont are such that you will likely not be able to find short term policies if you will be residing in one of those states.

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