This web page provides contact information and other resources designed to serve the HLS community during a crisis or on-campus emergency. During a significant emergency, this page will be updated with new information and linked from the HLS homepage.

New Text Messaging Service Available:
Harvard is now offering emergency text messaging service for its students, faculty and staff. Click here to register your cell phone.

General emergency information:

Harvard University Police Department (for public safely, threat, violence, and theft)

Cambridge Police Department (for public safely, threat, violence, and theft)

Cambridge Fire Department (for fire)

Harvard University Operations Center (for fire/smoke/explosion, hazardous materials, flooding, utility failure, and facilities issues)

Harvard University Health Services (for illness)
Pound Hall location: 617-495-4414
Main number: 617-495-5711

Inclement Weather line (provides recorded information)
617-496-7669 (496-SNOW)

HLS campus map

Harvard University emergency web page

Harvard University Emergency Guide (pdf)

*For tips on personal emergency preparedness, please visit

Central Gathering Space:
In the event of an emergency that results in a prolonged loss of power or limited access to email, Harkness Commons will serve as a central location where information will be provided to members of the HLS community.

HLS Team:
The Law School maintains a standing Local Emergency Management Team that works closely with University officials on emergency protocols and, in the event of an incident, will coordinate emergency response activities for the School.

The HLS team members are: