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Each year, Harvard Law School welcomes new and expectant parents to its campus. The Dean of Students Office works to help students manage the varying responsibilities of academic life, pregnancy, and parenthood. We encourage students to use the Dean of Students Office as a source of support throughout their time at HLS and hope the information and FAQs provided here are useful starting points.

What type of support is common for pregnant and parenting students at HLS?
I am due during the semester and am worried about missing class. What options do I have?
What if I am due during final exams?
What if I want to take a leave of absence from HLS following the birth of my child?
My baby is due during the fall/winter semester and I’d like to know what my options are to fulfill the winter term residency requirement.
My partner is due during my time at HLS. What sorts of supports are available to me?
What sorts of financial aid options do I have?
I am on the student health insurance plan. What resources does Harvard University Health Services (HUHS) provide?
How do I enroll my child as a dependent?
Are there nursing rooms on campus?
Are there other students on campus that I could talk to about parenting and/or pregnancy at HLS?
What kind of childcare is available in the Cambridge/Boston area?
What are available adoption resources?