Justice Ruth Abrams ’56 views her portrait during Celebration 60

Justice Ruth Abrams ’56 receives Celebration 60 Award from Dean Martha Minow

Dean Martha Minow and HLS Alumnae Judges

HLS mother-daughter pair: Christina Gibbs ’13 and Judge Julia Dobbs Gibbs ’75

Marissa Wesley ’79 /’80

Brande Stellings ’93, Lori Lesser ’93, Hillary Sale ’93 and Kim Rivera ’94

Alice Young ’74 and Dean Minow

My Brilliant but Unusual Career Part I panelists: Silda Wall Spitzer ’84 and Judge Lucy Koh ’93

Fellow classmates: Lisa McGovern ’85 and Ellen Lubell ’85

Sandra Yamate ’84 and Sharon Jones ’82

Anne Weisberg ’85, Professor Carol Steiker ’86 and Lesley Friedman Rosenthal ’89

Dean Martha Minow presents Celebration 60 Award to Zia Mody ’79

Friday dinner Keynote Susan Cain ’93 receives Celebration 60 Award

Patricia Williams ’75 and Stephanie Bell-Rose ’84

Dean Martha Minow and Jane Harman ’69 during the National Security panel

National Security Panelist Juliette Kayyem ’95

Nancy Ramirez ’90 and Regina Montoya ’79

Charlotte Armstrong ’53 and Professor David Wilkins ’80 during Saturday’s luncheon

HLS mother-daughter pair Maria Skirnick ’69 and Gabriella Skirnick ’07 smile during mother-daughter slideshow

HLS Couple: Russell Brenneman ’53 and Judge Frederica S. Brenneman ’53

Dean Martha Minow and Jamie Gorelick ’75

Charlotte Armstrong ’53 joins Dean Martha Minow on stage for the Elena Kagan portrait unveiling

Alumnae view Women’s Alliance Network poster board

HLS Women’s Alliance Network Leadership

Group photo of alumnae from the classes of the 1970s

Dean Martha Minow presents HLSA Award to Senator Elizabeth Warren

Dean Martha Minow and Senator Elizabeth Warren during their Conversation

Professor Bruce H. Mann and Senator Elizabeth Warren

Alumnae enjoying the HLS campus

Claudia Salomon ’94, Sheela Murthy ’87, and Zia Mody ’79

Professor Lani Guinier and Vernā Myers ’85 smile during group photo

Celebration 60 Group Photo

Celebration 60 Group Photo

Bea Krain Drechsler ’87 and Dean Martha Minow

Dianne Rosky ’94, Karen Suber ’06, Catherine Dargan ’94, and a Celebration 60 Sponsor

Judge Rya Zobel ’56 and guest Leonard Nemon

Class of 1953 pioneers: Ann Pfohl Kirby ’53, Charlotte Armstrong ’53, and Judge Sondra Miller ’53

Preeta D. Bansal ’89 and Elizabeth Holtzman ’65

Judge Sondra Miller ’53, Dean Martha Minow, and Charlotte Armstrong ’53