St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital – Memphis, Tennessee

In the fall of 2009, Stacy Clark ’12, came to HLS with an interest in health care law and working in a hospital’s general counsel office as a result of her interest in modern hospital work and the history and medicine classes that she took as an undergraduate. When Stacy visited the Bernard Koteen Office of Public Interest Advising in the fall of 2009 to discuss possible internship opportunities for the summer of 2010, she left with a list of alumni, 2L’s and 3L’s that would be possible contacts for guidance and advice. One of the alums, Clint Hermes ’01, Senior Vice-President and Chief Legal Officer of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee was uniquely aligned with Stacy’s interest and would turn out to be an incredible resource and mentor to Stacy in the coming months.

After submitting a formal cover letter and application to St. Jude, Stacy had the opportunity to interview for a position in December of 2009 and was eventually extended an offer for a summer internship. Stacy was thrilled to join the small office of three attorneys during the summer of 2010 and had the opportunity to work closely with the St. Jude’s Legal Office team. She was given a number of small and larger projects to tackle on her own, but she credits Clint Hermes as being an outstanding mentor to her during the experience as he always took the time to help explain real world applications of the things she had learned in the classroom or read about in books. When given a project, Clint would explain how health care law worked in relation to a specific project, giving Stacy the background, history and suggesting possible statutes and regulations that would be particularly relevant to the specific project.

Stacy also benefited from the conversations she had with Clint about classes to consider at HLS and professors that he had found particularly interesting. Clint helped Stacy better understand the southern health care legal community and helped her discover firms that might be a good match for her interests and personality in the future. Stacy could not be more thankful for the guidance and knowledge that she gained from Clint and the experience that she had working with the legal team at St. Jude. The internship helped her focus her interests and further discover a career path that she is excited about.

The Law School’s Advising Network, HLS Connect, has also been a wonderful resource to Stacy as she has researched opportunities and looked to learn more about career paths in health care law. Stacy notes that it is hard to know a general pathway from law school to a specific career and she has benefited from reading the narratives and employment paths of other alumni. The advisors that she has contacted through HLS Connect have been extremely open and helpful and it has been beneficial to see the background employment histories of alumni with similar interests.

This summer Stacy will be working at two firms, Alston + Bird in Atlanta and Bass, Berry & Sims in Nashville.