Katherine Petti ’13 and Sarah Kessler ’09

Katherine Petti ’13 graduated from Harvard College in 2010 and started at Harvard Law School this past fall. As a new student, Katherine registered for HLS Connect, the Law School’s Online Directory and Advising Network and began using the Advising Network as a way to locate alumni who were willing to share advice and expertise about course selection and the transition to law School. Katherine, who is interested in corporate work and fashion law in New York, also used HLS Connect as a way to locate alumni in New York City with common interests and career goals.

In the fall of 2010, Katherine corresponded with several alumni and was delighted when she connected with Sarah Kessler ’09, an active volunteer in the Advising Network and a Litigation Associate at Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP in New York City. In her Advising Network profile, Sarah specifically noted that she has an interest in fashion law and Katherine reached out to Sarah explaining that she was a 1L at HLS who was interested in corporate work and fashion law. The two corresponded about Sarah’s experience and their common interests and Katherine enjoyed such a friendly and open exchange about Sarah’s career, her time at HLS and New York City.

As the year progressed, Katherine began exploring summer internship opportunities in New York, and it was in early February of 2011 that her resume was selected for an interview with Cravath, Swaine and Moore LLP. Remembering her correspondence with Sarah from the fall, Katherine reached out to Sarah to learn more about the firm and the interview process. Katherine recently traveled to New York City for the interview and was thrilled when she was offered the position of Summer Associate. Katherine accepted the offer and notes, “I accepted both because of the firm’s excellence in corporate work and from meeting such great people like Sarah and my interviewers at the firm.”

While Katherine’s correspondence with Sarah did not play a role in Katherine being offered an interview with Cravath, Katherine is extremely appreciative of the mentoring relationship and advice that Sarah was able to provide and the connection that they made through HLS Connect.