This summer many HLS students experienced the benefits of reaching out to HLS alumni for career guidance and expertise. Read about two alumni whose simple words of advice and actions helped two students from the Class of 2012 secure their ideal summer internship.

Kate Loyd ’03 is an environmental lawyer with the United States Department of Justice’s field office in Denver, Colorado who has stayed in touch with HLS and the Bernard Koteen Office of Public Interest Advising (OPIA) in the years since she graduated from HLS. Krystyna Wamboldt ’12, a first year student from Denver, had hoped to secure an internship in environmental law at the Department of Justice this summer, but was not receiving a response after submitting her initial application.

When OPIA reached out to Kate Loyd and notified her that Krystyna was looking for an internship, Kate found Krystyna’s application and saw how qualified Krystyna was for the position. Kate was able to bring the application to the attention of the hiring manager and the Denver field office was delighted to have Krystyna join their team for the summer.

Chloe Cockburn ’07, a fellow at the American Civil Liberties Union Racial Justice Project (ACLU) in New York City, has always had a close relationship with OPIA and makes a conscious effort to forward job postings and fellowships to HLS whenever she becomes aware of opportunities.

Last December, when Chloe was speaking with OPIA about the ACLU she mentioned that if any 1L’s were applying for summer internships they needed to submit their applications immediately. This was much earlier than the original timeline that Ayirini Fonseca-Sabune ’12, a first year hoping to work at the ACLU for the summer, was planning to follow. With this knowledge, OPIA was able to better advise Ayirini who would have otherwise been closed out of the application process and Ayirini was able to secure her number one job choice for the summer.