An Initiative of Interest to All Alumni

The HLSA Executive Committee has established a committee of the Association entitled the “Senior Advisory Network”. The Senior Advisory Netowrk was established out of concern over difficulties faced by many alumni as they approach their senior years. All too often, what should be a time of continued and enhanced vigor and spirit, happiness, and love of life, has become a time of concern, unhappiness and frustration. The preliminary mission conceived for this effort will be to examine the root causes of these problems, and to try to find ways of helping lawyers and alumni (of all ages) prepare for the time in their lives when things will inevitably change, but hopefully in a way that brings satisfaction and fulfillment, and the ability to continue to make a difference. Life transitions, passages, and new pathways are what this effort is really all about. Programs relating to mental and physical health, spirituality, alternative careers, financial concerns, hobbies and relaxation, mentoring, teaching, writing, etc. will be considered. All alumni are invited to participate in the Senior Advisory Group formative discussion by contacting the Co-Chairs at:

We look forward to hearing from you.

Neil Chayet ’63 & Jay Hebert ’86

Co-Chairs, Senior Advisory Network