When donating stock to the Law School, alumni may take a standard charitable deduction for the mean fair market value of the stock on the date of the gift while also avoiding capital gains tax on appreciated securities. Avoiding capital gains tax decreases the cost of your gift by your applicable capital gains tax rate and makes donating appreciated securities the better option if you are considering whether to give cash or stock. If you have general questions about donating securities, please contact the Harvard Law School’s Planned Giving Office at 617-394-9932 or plannedgiving@law.harvard.edu.

To make a gift of securities please contact the Harvard Management Company at 866.845.6596 or security_gifts@hmc.harvard.edu.

To ensure proper processing of your gift, please notify the School of the stock transfer by completing the following online form.

Donors and their brokers must request transfer instructions directly from Harvard Management Company
located at the following address:

Harvard Management Company
Trusts and Gifts Department
600 Atlantic Avenue
Boston, MA 02210-2203
Attention: Security Gifts
Tel: 866-845-6596 (toll-free)
Fax: 866-457-6598
Email: security_gifts@hmc.harvard.edu


Your gift of securities will be valued for credit at the mean between the high and the low market price on the date of postmark or personal delivery of the securities, or on the date of written instructions to your broker or banker.

For Mutual Fund shares

Contact the Office of the Recording Secretary, at (617) 495-1750, for more information.

Please do not send securities or mutual fund shares to a transfer agent for transfer into Harvard’s name. This may cause a lengthy delay in completing the transfer.