(To be given to the HLS Faculty Supervisor with the student’s completed application)

The Winter Writing Program (“WWP”) has proved worthwhile for students who seek to devote an intensive period of time to research and writing on an ongoing project, in lieu of taking a winter course. As interest and participation in the program continue, HLS faculty supervisors may want to take note of certain issues.

Eligibility and Credits

  • Placement in the program is in lieu of taking an HLS course for the winter term. In order to meet the minimum residency requirement, the research/writing done during the term must be comparable to completion of a 2-credit course. The work done during winter term is part of a larger project, typically, the Written Work Requirement. It is the full project for which the student registers, and it is for the full project that your supervision is requested.
  • The program itself does not confer credit. In order to be eligible for the WWP, a student must be writing an independent paper of 50 pages or more or a paper in conjunction with a course or seminar that is approximately 75 pages in length (either of which would qualify the student for 2 writing credits).

Application Details

  • The application must contain a clear description of a feasible topic and a workable methodology for a research project that you have approved. Thus, the student must have done the necessary preliminary research to locate and define a topic, identify key courses and formulate a workable approach. This requirement is meant to assure that intensive directed research and/or writing has commenced and can productively continue. Students who have progressed with their research prior to the winter term should be able to present at the very least a reasonably detailed outline (or, in some cases, a first draft) by the end of the term.
  • Your signature on the application represents that (1) you and the student have discussed the proposal and that you are satisfied that the proposal is well thought out, meets the program’s criteria, and would constitute a worthwhile, law-related Winter term experience for the student; (2) the proposed paper is not similar to any other paper written or now being written by the student for credit; and (3) you have worked or will work out problems or details with the student.

Travel During the Winter Term

  • LL.M. students proposing to conduct research outside of Cambridge during the winter term require special approval. Your signature on the application of a student who proposes to do research outside Cambridge represents that you have reviewed the proposal and determined that (1) the research is necessary and clearly needs to be done outside of Cambridge (e.g. it involves source material unavailable at HLS, or involves on-site interviewing that is critical to the project) and (2) the student’s plans for doing this on-site research are concrete and “do-able” in the short winter term period.
  • Please note in particular the need to assure adequate supervision during the winter semester through appropriate arrangements for discussions with the student.


  • The work to be completed during winter term is not graded except as part of the overall final paper. The work must be submitted to you by a date you set with the student; this date should allow you enough time to submit written confirmation to the Registrar’s Office by early February 2014, that the specified work is complete and satisfactory. (A form will be provided.) If the work to be completed during the winter term is not the final paper, the final paper is due on April 25, 2014, or by an earlier date if you require.


November 15, 2013 Application deadline

January 6, 2014 Start of winter term

January 24, 2014 End of winter term

January 27, 2014 Start of spring term