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The Law & History Program’s student-faculty lunch series continued this Fall semester with discussions ranging broadly from the ancient world to the recent rise of originalism. On October 3, students from the Law School, the Department of History, and the Department of the Classics joined Professor Adriaan Lanni for Chinese food and conversation about ancient Greek and Roman law. Professor Lanni shared her views on what can be learned by comparing modern legal regimes with ancient ones, and she reflected on current trends within the scholarship on ancient law. On November 18, Professor Logan Sawyer led a discussion about the relationship between law and politics over burgers and salads. This relationship has been central to Professor Sawyer’s earlier work on the Progressive Era and to his current project on the rise of the New Right and its legal theories in the second half of the twentieth century. Students from the Law School and the History and Government departments were part of the conversation. Thank you to Professors Lanni and Sawyer for sharing their time and expertise, and we look forward to resuming the student-faculty lunch series in Spring 2015.