Law and Government Program of Study


Students particularly interested in the workings of government should take courses, at both a foundational and an advanced level, in (1) government structure and processes generally and (2) particular regulatory fields. (The balance as between these two categories may differ from student to student, depending on interests and career aspirations.) We also recommend that students (1) participate in a clinic that provides hands-on experience working as a government lawyer or in a field of complex government regulation, (2) take a class that focuses on the role of one or another kind of government lawyer, and/or (3) explore the curriculum of the Kennedy School and other campus departments for courses that provide additional insight into governmental decision-making and regulatory policy-making. Finally, all students should consider carefully their need to acquire certain background knowledge and skills, such as basic analytics (economics and accounting in particular), trial advocacy, or negotiation methods.

To view a recording of the 2014 Law and Government faculty advising lunch, click here.