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Asian Pacific American Law Students Association: APALSA is a political, academic, community service, and social group dedicated to fostering a supportive atmosphere for Asian Pacific American students at Harvard Law School. APALSA strives to promote a greater understanding of Asian Pacific American issues and culture, serve as a vehicle for Asian Pacific American political activity, and provide a social and academic network for Asian Pacific Americans and the Harvard Law School community.

Harvard African Law Association: The mission of HALA is to unite African students and students interested in Africa, and increase awareness of legal, social and economic issues that shape and concern the continent of Africa.

Harvard Canadian Law Society:The Harvard Canadian Law Society aims to build a community for Canadian students at HLS by sponsoring a wide variety of social, academic and career related activities.

International Arbitration Law Students Association:For the first time in the history of Harvard Law School, a student association dedicated exclusively to promote international arbitration has been created! A group of Harvard Law School students, passionate about international arbitration, proposed to the Board of Students the creation of HIALSA to offer a forum for students to learn about and discuss emerging topics in international arbitration and to develop connections between students and successful practitioners.

HLS Advocates for Human Rights: Harvard Law School Advocates for Human Rights is a student organization that seeks to foster a community of law students dedicated to human rights issues. Advocates collaborates with the Human Rights Program’s International Human Rights Clinic to give law students hands-on clinical experience from the first year onward, assisting human rights groups and other NGOs all over the world.

Harvard European Law Association: The Harvard European Law Association (HELA) is an organization of J.D.s, LL.M.s, and S.J.D.s of all nationalities interested in European and international legal and political issues.

Harvard Asia Law Society: The Harvard Asia Law Society (HALS) is a student organization of the Harvard Law School that brings together students and faculty members with an interest in Asia and its legal cultures, whether that interest be academic, professional, or experiential.

Law & International Development Society: The law and international development society organizes speaker events focused on topics in law and development, as well as social activities, career opportunities, and hands-on pro bono projects assisting NGO and IGO partners in developing countries.

Middle Eastern Law Students Association: MELSA is a group that seeks to engage the HLS community in a discussion of the unique and vibrant (legal) cultures of the Middle East and of the legal aspects of the ongoing U.S. engagement in the Middle East.

South Asian Law Students Association: SALSA provides a forum for students in the Harvard Law School community who are interested in South Asian-American and South Asian legal issues. It also endeavors to promote South Asian culture to the law school community at large through a variety of social and academic events, including networking events, panels, lectures, and cultural celebrations. Furthermore, SALSA aims to connect students with employers interested in diversity outreach.