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Fletcher School Course Catalog

International Law and Organization

  • ILO L200: The International Legal Order
  • ILO L201: Public International Law
  • ILO L207: Seminar on International Politics and International Law
  • ILO L209: Compliance and Exceptionalism in International Treaty Behavior
  • ILO L210: International Human Rights Law
  • ILO L211: Seminar on Current Issues in Human Rights
  • ILO L212: Seminar on Nationalism, Self-Determination and Minority Rights
  • ILO L213: International Criminal Law
  • ILO L214: Transitional Justice
  • ILO L220: International Organizations
  • ILO L221: Seminar on Actors in Global Governance
  • ILO L223: Seminar on International Environmental Law
  • ILO L230: International Business Transactions
  • ILO L232: Seminar on International Investment Law
  • ILO L233: International Financial and Fiscal Law
  • ILO L234: International Intellectual Property Law and Policy
  • ILO L239m: Corporate Governance in International Business and Finance
  • ILO L240: Legal and Institutional Aspects of International Trade
  • ILO L243: Seminar on International Legal Aspects of Globalization
  • ILO L250: Law and Development
  • ILO L251: Comparative Legal Systems
  • ILO L252 Rule of Law in Post Conflict Societies
  • ILO L260: The Law of the European Union
  • ILO L262: Foreign Relations and National Security Law

Diplomacy, History, and Politics

  • DHP D227: Law and Politics of International Conflict Management