A course in Professional Responsibility is a mandatory JD degree requirement. Below are the 2014-2015 courses that will satisfy the requirement and be included in the Legal Profession registration round. You will need to preference all 10 courses.


Legal Profession – The New Market for Personal Legal Services: Ethical and Professional Challenges (Jeanne Charn)
Legal Profession (Timothy Dacey)
Legal Profession: Collaborative Law (David Hoffman)
Legal Profession (Andrew Kaufman)
Legal Profession (Logan Sawyer)
Legal Profession (David Wilkins)


Legal Profession: Government Ethics – Scandal and Reform (Robert Rizzi and Charles Borden)


Legal Profession: Delivery of Legal Services (Jeanne Charn)
Legal Profession: Responsibilities of Public Lawyers (Lani Guinier)
Legal Profession (Andrew Kaufman)


The following is a list of courses which also satisfy the Professional Responsibility requirement. These courses are not part of the Legal Profession round of registration.

Criminal Justice Institute: Defense Theory and Practice (Ron Sullivan)
Introduction to Advocacy: Prosecution Perspectives (John Corrigan)
Introduction to Advocacy: Skills and Ethics in Clinical Practice (David Grossman and Esme Caramello)
Government Lawyer (Alex Whiting)
Government Lawyer: Semester in Washington Clinical Seminar (Jonathan Wroblewski)