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By permission courses are not included in course preferencing. To enroll in a by permission course, you must seek permission from the faculty member then forward the confirmation email to the Office of the Registrar.

Title Faculty Term Deadline
Lawyering for Justice in the United States Giannini, Tyler; Caramello, Esme; Gregory, Michael Winter 2017-10-25
Advanced Topics in Jewish Law and Legal Theory Feldman, Noah Spring TBD
Becoming a Law Professor Tobin, Susannah Spring 2017-10-31
Behavioral Economics, Law and Public Policy Sunstein, Cass Spring 2017-11-24
Climate Solutions Living Lab Jacobs, Wendy Spring TBD
Constitutional Law 3.0: The Drumpf Trajectory Tribe, Laurence Spring 2017-11-10
Engaging China Emery, Alonzo Spring TBD
Global Anticorruption Lab Stephenson, Matthew Spring Rolling
Hard Cybersecurity Tradeoffs Goldsmith, Jack Spring 2017-11-15
Investments Workshop: Public and Private Equity Bosiljevac, Vladimir Spring 2017-11-05 (All other);
2017-11-15 (1Ls)
Law and Neuroscience Gertner, Nancy Spring Rolling
National Security Law and Practice Olsen, Matthew Spring 2017-11-03
Public Law Workshop Renan, Daphna; Manning, John Spring TBD
Teaching Copyright Fisher, William Spring 2017-11-21
The Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence Zittrain, Jonathan; Ito, Joichi Ito Spring 2017-11-06
Valuing and Modeling M&A and LBOs Bosiljevac, Vladimir Spring 2017-11-05 (All other);
2017-11-15 (1Ls)
Criminal Justice Policy Program Steiker, Carol; Whiting, Alex Fall-Spring 2017-05-20 (JDs);
2017-08-01 (LLMs)
Human Rights in the UN Treaty Bodies Neuman, Gerald L. Fall-Spring TBD
Current Issues in Corporate Governance Fried, Jesse Fall Rolling
Digital Islamic Law Lab: Online Analysis of Islamic Legislation and Interpretation Rabb, Intisar Fall 2017-05-05
Feminisms and Pornography, c. 1975-1995 Halley, Janet Fall TBD
Global Anticorruption Lab Stephenson, Matthew Fall Rolling
Law and Catholic Social Thought Vermeule, Adrian; George, Robert Fall 2017-08-07
National Security Law Baker, James Fall TBD
Private Law Workshop Smith, Henry; Goldberg, John Fall 2017-07-29;
Rolling thereafter
Public Problems: Advice, Strategy and Analysis Barron, David; Fung, Archon Fall 2017-08-01
The Supreme Court´s 2016 Term Kagan, Elena Fall 2017-07-21

A list of by permission clinics can be found here.