Curricular Matters and Academic Policies

Andy Kaufman, Vice Dean for Academic Programming (

Catherine Claypoole, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Chief of Staff (6-3487;

Graduate Program: Jeanne Tai, Assistant Dean for the Graduate Program and International Legal Studies (6-4849; and Nancy Pinn, Director, Administration and Student Affairs (4-8302;

Clinical Programs: Lisa Dealy, Assistant Dean for Clinical and Pro Bono Programs (5-2216;

Joint Degrees and Special Programs: Julie Barton, Director of Special Academic Programs (5-7192;

Study Abroad: Sara Zucker, Director of International Legal Studies Programs (5-9030;

J.D. Degree Requirements: Ellen Holloway, Assistant Registrar (5-5950;

Written Work Faculty Supervisors: /dept/academics/written-work-supervisors/

HLS Handbook of Academic Policies: /dept/academics/handbook-of-academic-policies/

Programs of Study Faculty Advisors

Criminal Justice:

International and Comparative Law: /dept/academics/advising-faculty-international-and-comparative-law/

Law and Business: /dept/academics/advising-faculty-law-and-business/

Law and Government: /dept/academics/advising-faculty-law-and-government/

Law and Social Change: /dept/academics/advising-faculty-law-and-social-change/

Law, Science and Technology: /dept/academics/advising-faculty-law-science-and-technology/

1L Faculty Leaders 2013-14

Section 1: Joseph Singer

Section 2: James Greiner

Section 3:David Barron

Section 4: Jeannie Suk

Section 5: John Goldberg

Section 6: John Hanson

Section 7: Todd Rakoff

Legal Research and Writing (Climenko Fellows):

Board of Student Advisers:

Academic Support Services

Susanna Barton Tobin, Director, Legal Research and Writing and Academic Support Services (6-3673;

Ellen Cosgrove, Associate Dean and Dean of Students (5-1881;

For more information see: /dept/dos/accessibility/academic-support-services/.