Online Cross-Registration

Students interested in cross-registering into the Law School should submit petitions through the University cross-registration system and must do so in compliance with the HLS Cross-Registration Calendar.

Approval from the faculty member is not the same as being enrolled by the Registrar’s Office. You must receive confirmation that you are enrolled in the class by the HLS Registrar’s Office before your registration is complete.


Most HLS courses presuppose that you have a basic understanding of legal vocabulary and the legal system. Discuss your qualifications for the course/seminar in detail and in advance with the instructor. You must be and remain a registered, full-time student at your home school for the duration of your cross-registration. You must remain in good standing at your home school and at HLS for the duration of your cross-registration. You may not make arrangements outside the HLS Registrar’s Office with an HLS instructor to receive a grade or credit for any academic work. There is NO cross-registration into the first-year basic courses: Civil Procedure, Contracts, Criminal Law, Legislation and Regulation, 1L International or Comparative, Problem Solving Workshop, Property, Torts, and Legal Research and Writing.

All academic work must be completed in the term in which cross-registration is taken and by HLS semester deadlines. Cross-registrants are allowed to take a maximum of 6 credits at HLS in an academic year, audits included.The availability of seats in waitlisted courses is determined by the HLS Registrar’s Office. You may not take a course/seminar that is substantively the same as one taken previously at HLS.

Dropping A Course

Students who wish to drop a course after the original cross-registration petition must do so by the earlier add/drop deadlineand must submit a completed add/drop form to their Home Registrar’s Office. Students who do not drop a cross-registered course via the Add/Drop Form at their Home School will be considered enrolled in the course and will receive a grade for it. The drop deadline for oversubscribed HLS courses is Noon on the business day after the first class meeting. Many HLS courses have early drop deadlines.


Please review the HLS Exam Schedule before you cross-register. ALL EXAMINATIONS MUST BE TAKEN AS SPECIFIED IN THE HLS EXAM SCHEDULE. No adjustments will be made, and HLS does not give make-up examinations. Papers are not accepted in lieu of exams unless the instructor offers the option in advance to the entire class.

Notice To Degree Candidates

For cross-registrants who expect to graduate in the term during which they are cross-registered at HLS: if the date by which your Registrar requires your final grades to clear you for graduation precedes the “HLS Grades Due” date for the semester, you should not cross-register at HLS in that semester for credits required for your degree. At the time you cross-register, check with the HLS Registrar’s staff to determine what date HLS grades are due.


Report of grades is obtained from your home Registrar’s Office. The HLS grading system is H, P, LP and F. Designated courses are graded CR/F(Credit/Fail). Except in courses so designated, Credit/Fail is not an option and cannot be arranged separately with the professor. The grade CR may also apply in special circumstances with approval of the HLS Administrative Board. A student who withdraws from a course or seminar after the add/drop deadline but before the last day of class in the course or seminar will receive a WD (Withdrew after Deadline). A student who withdraws after the last day of the course or seminar will receive an “F.”