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General Information

  • General Cross-Registration Credit Information:

    • The number of HLS credits you will receive for a cross-registered course will be determined by the HLS Registrar’s Office. For guidance on credit conversion click here.
    • The maximum number of cross-registration credits per semester for all HLS students is six.
    • HLS credits for cross-registration are generally based on lecture hours. For example, a course meeting three lecture hours per week for a full semester will receive three HLS credits (see chart below).
    • Studio courses are limited to two credits.

J.D. Credit Information

  • J.D. Cross-Registration Credit Information:

    • See Handbook of Academic Policies for information about credit requirements for the JD degree.
    • JD students may count a maximum of 12 credits of cross-registration toward their degree.
    • For 2Ls and 3Ls, you are eligible to cross-register if you are enrolled in at least 8 HLS credits (classroom, writing, clinical) in a fall or spring term in which you cross-register and your cross-registered course is worth at least 2 credits to meet the HLS semester minimum of 10 credits.

LL.M. Credit Information

  • LL.M. Cross-Registration Credit Information:

    • LLM students may count a maximum of 6 credits of cross-registration toward their degree.
    • LLM students do not receive degree credit for language courses.

Credit Examples by Course Type

  • Language Courses:

    • 2L/3L = 2 credits per semester (meeting minimum of 2 lecture hours per week); 3 credits per semester (meeting minimum of 3 lecture hours per week); or 4 credits per semester (intensive courses only that are a full year of work in one semester)
    • LLM = no degree credit for languages
  • Other Courses:

    • Based on minutes of required class time over the term. 700 minutes is equal to 1 credit, 1400 minutes is equal to 2 credits and at least 2100 minutes is equal to 3 credits.

For more information about cross-registration, contact