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The Animal Law & Policy Program is seeking research assistants to help with multiple projects related to climate change and animal agriculture, litigating on behalf of farmed animals, and policy implications of potential legislation restricting the application of animal welfare standards to products produced in other states.

More specifically:

  1. Assistance with publication of a law review article by ALPP Policy Director Jonathan Lovvorn on Climate Change and Animal Agriculture. The start date for this position is immediate.
  2.  Assistance with preparing for publication a book about an ALPP Fellow’s 12 years of experience litigating on behalf of farmed animals. The work will consist of reviewing drafts, helping with citations, and performing additional research on topics related to factory farming impacts on the environment / issues relating to the regulation of antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals as used with animals raised for food.  The start date for this position is immediate.
  3. Research for a project examining the policy implications of proposed and potential legislation seeking to prevent U.S. states from regulating the in-state sale of agricultural products produced outside state borders. The start date for this position is mid-November.

The RAs should expect to work approximately 10 hours per week and will be paid at the standard HLS hourly rate. Interested students should send a resume and brief cover email to