International Commercial Arbitration

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Spring 2015 Seminar
Meets: M 1:00pm - 3:00pm in WCC Room 4059
2 classroom credits

This seminar will introduce you to the history, philosophy, advantages, disadvantages, procedures, and ethics of international commercial arbitration -- an increasingly important and common means of resolving disputes between citizens or companies from different countries -- with an emphasis on current cases and practical applications. We will study differences between international commercial arbitration and domestic litigation/arbitration, national arbitration statutes, agreements to arbitrate, arbitral jurisdiction, procedural rules, discovery/disclosure, hearings, evidence, arbitral awards, enforcement of awards, and ethical issues arising for both advocates and arbitrators.

Prerequisite: For JD1Ls only, you must seek faculty permission to enroll in this seminar. Applications from 1Ls should be sent to and accompanied by 1) a brief statement as to why they wish to take this seminar, and why they wish to take it this spring; 2) a brief description of their knowledge of, education in, or experience with international commercial arbitration, if any; and 3) a brief description of their knowledge of, education in, or experience with US and other national dispute resolution systems. The deadline to apply is December 31. This prerequisite does not apply to upper-level JDs or LLM students.

Subject Areas: International, Comparative & Foreign Law , Business Organization, Commercial Law, and Finance .