Mau Mau on Trial: History, Law and the High Court of Justice

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Spring 2014 Course
Meets: F 10:00am - 12:00pm
2 classroom credits

This course will offer an in-depth examination of the historic Mau Mau reparations case in London's High Court of Justice, and the ways in which historical and legal expertise combined to produce a landmark settlement more than fifty years after British colonial rule in Kenya. Drawing upon the instructors' direct involvement in the case, this course will look at the revisionist history that provided the basis for the claims, the particulars of the case, and the historic nature of the two strike out hearings, as well as the British government's settlement of the claims in 2013. The course will also place this case in comparative perspective, both with regard to other historical reparations cases, as well as potential future cases from the former British Empire and elsewhere.

This course is also listed at FAS as African and American Studies 216.