Introduction to Finance Concepts 3-week Section

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Spring 2014 Course
Meets: Th, F 1:00pm - 3:00pm in WCC Room 2009
1 classroom credit

This 1-unit course is designed to provide students with no prior course work in business finance an introduction to core concepts of corporate finance as well as a brief introduction to financial statements. The course will meet twice-a-week for three weeks early in the semester. The following topics will be introduced: time value of money, valuation of cash flows, discounted cash flow analysis for investment decisions and valuation of securities, valuation of bonds and long-term obligations, market efficiency concept and its implications, beta as a measure of risk, cost of capital, methods of raising equity and debt capital, and introduction to basic financial statements. In-class discussion of selected problems from the assigned custom textbook and other assigned readings will be used to provide an intensive and hands-on classroom learning experience. There will be an exam given in the week following the course, which will be graded on a credit / no-credit basis.

The first class meeting will be Thursday, February 6.