The Water-Energy Nexus

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Spring 2014 Reading Group
Meets: W 5:00pm - 7:00pm in WCC Room 4061
1 classroom credit

Water and energy are both resources vital to a vibrant society and economy, and there is a growing recognition that the two are mutually interdependent. This reading group will explore that interdependence, examining how laws and regulations account for the use of water in energy production and for the use of energy in the production and use of water. Topics are likely to include hydroelectric and hydrokinetic power, mineral extraction, biofuels, desalination technologies and bottled water. Our readings will draw on a variety of materials that must be part of the practicing lawyer’s toolkit, including case law, legislative and administrative materials, and secondary sources such as reports, scholarship, and news articles.

The reading group will meet for six two-hour sessions. Participation will be graded credit/fail. There are no prerequisites for the reading group other than a genuine interest in the subject matter, although students who have taken administrative, environmental or energy law will find the background helpful.

The six meeting dates for the course are February 12th and 26th, March 12th and 26th, and April 9th and 23rd.