Semester in Human Rights

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Required Class Component: Advanced Skills Training for Human Rights Advocacy (2 fall credits).
Additional Co-/Pre-Requisites: Prior semester of the International Human Rights Clinic.
By Permission: Yes. Applications are due April 25, 2013.
Add/Drop Deadline: September 4, 2013.
LLM Students: LLM students are not eligible to enroll.
Placement Site: HLS.

New Offering for Fall 2013: Semester in Human Rights

This will be a full-time clinic option for up to 2 students in the International Human Rights Clinic (IHRC) in Fall 2013. Students will enroll in 10 credits total with the Clinic for the semester (see breakdown below), with requirements as follows:

  • By application (Deadline: April 25, 2013).
  • Limited to 3Ls who have previously spent at least one semester in the IHRC.
  • Students will take Advanced Skills Training for Human Rights Advocacy and Litigation (2 classroom credits).
  • Students will work full-time in the Clinic on one or more projects (6 clinical credits).
  • Students will take independent writing credits under the supervision of an IHRC clinician, with a focus on a topic of relevance to either the clinical work or the seminar (2 writing credits).
  • Full-time clinic students will also be given additional responsibilities, serving as student team leaders who assist in making strategic decisions and in supporting the work of other students on a given project.

Additional Logistics:

Advanced Skills Training for Human Rights and Litigation will have a total of 10 JD students – 8 through the clinic lottery and up to 2 by application “full-time” for the Semester in Human Rights.
Accepted students will be enrolled in the Semester in Human Rights. This offering will place them automatically into the Advanced Skills Training for Human Rights and Litigation Seminar and register them for 6 clinical credits.
To register for writing credits, students should fill out the JD Option 1 Written Work form (link to page) by September 9, 2013 and submit to Maggie Bay in OCP.

Applications, with a current CV and a statement of interest should be addressed to Tyler Giannini and Susan Farbstein, and sent to Kaitlyn Hennigan ( Please address the following questions in your statement of interest:

  • How will the intensive focus of a full-time semester in human rights benefit you personally?
  • How will the full-time semester build on your prior experience in and commitment to human rights, whether in a clinic, summer placement, pre-law school employment, etc.? How and why are you prepared for this option?
  • What are you post-graduate career plans, and how will the full-time semester better prepare you for your intended career path?
  • What project(s) do you propose to work on, and why is the full-time option necessary for the project(s)? If you do not have a particular project in mind, what issues or skills do you propose to focus on and why?
  • What will be the added value of enrolling full time?
  • How will the different components (advanced class, clinical projects, independent writing) complement each other and form a coherent and intensive term?

Subject Areas: International, Comparative & Foreign Law .