Health Law

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Spring 2014 Course
Meets: M, T, W 10:20am - 11:40am in Hauser Hall Room 104
4 classroom credits

This course will cover a range of topics that are traditionally referred to as "health law," including the physician-patient relationship, informed consent, privacy and confidentiality, medical malpractice, conflicts of interest, health care financing (including a short survey of Medicare, Medicaid and private medical insurance law), billing fraud, public health law, proposals for health care reform, regulation of drugs and devices, and if time permits, end-of-life decision-making, reproductive health, regulation of health professions, regulation of health facilities. Health law will be viewed as the principles that govern and influence the interaction of patients, payors, and providers. The textbook will be supplemented with recent scholarship and new caselaw.

Subject Areas: Health Law .