Complex Litigation: Legal Doctrines, Real World Practice

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Fall 2013 Course
Meets: Th 9:50am - 11:50am in Griswold Hall Room 110
2 classroom credits

This course will study legal doctrines, litigation strategies and current “best practices” relating to complex civil litigation. Topics will include forum selection (state versus federal court); removal from and remand to state court; transfer, coordination and consolidation of federal actions; multi-district litigation, including choice of law issues; federal class actions (including CAFA, class certification, interlocutory appeals and settlements); and management of parallel federal/state and state/state proceedings. The course will also cover some of the practical issues relating to managing multi-party and multi-case litigation. Many of the examples to be discussed will come from recent and pending securities cases, such as Enron, Parmalat, and the residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) cases, but knowledge of substantive securities law is not required.

Prerequisite: Civil Procedure

Subject Areas: Procedure & Practice .