Health Law and Policy Clinic of the Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation

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Winter 2014 Clinic
2 clinical credits

Required Class Component: Public Health Law and Policy (2 fall credits). Some seats are reserved for clinical students. Students must enroll in this clinic before they are permitted to enroll in a reserved clinical seat.
Additional Co-/Pre-Requisites: None.
By Permission: No.
Add/Drop Deadline: September 4, 2013.
LLM Students: LLM students are not eligible to enroll.
Placement Site: HLS.

Students enrolled in the Health Law and Policy Clinic of the Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation will participate in a broad range of national and state law and policy initiatives aimed at increasing access to quality, comprehensive health care for poor and low-income individuals and families - especially those living with chronic medical conditions.

Through the clinic, students work to inform cutting-edge policy recommendations at the state and national levels in both the legislative and regulatory arenas. Student projects have involved informing both national and state level implementation of the Affordable Care Act through regulatory comments and analysis, providing law and policy analysis to national and state coalitions advocating to protect the Medicaid program, and investigating best practices at the state and local level, to support the development of new initiatives to increase access to treatment and service programs specifically designed to serve vulnerable populations.

State level work is conducted in Massachusetts as well as other states—currently, projects are ongoing in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina and Texas. Students in the Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation will have the opportunity to travel to help facilitate trainings and meetings with state elected and appointed officials and community partners in these states, participate in national law and policy advocacy conferences, and facilitate issue-based meetings with community partners. Over the course of a semester, students can expect to accumulate a wealth of hands-on experience in current and emerging health law and policy issues. Students conduct legal and fact-based research to inform health law and policy recommendations that take shape as student-generated fact sheets, in-depth reports, comment letters, testimony, presentations, and draft legislation or regulatory guidance.

While the primary offices of the Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation are at the HLS Legal Services Center in Jamaica Plain, we have an on-campus office in the new Wasserstein Clinical Wing. Given the national scope of much of our work, students can often meet with clinic staff and conduct their work at this on-campus location.

Subject Areas: Procedure & Practice , Health Law .