The Anthropology of Law: Perspectives from Africa and Elsewhere

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Spring 2013 Course
Meets: W 2:00pm - 4:00pm
2 classroom credits

This course is offered jointly with FAS, by Prof. John Comaroff. The course will cover (i) classical readings in the field, (ii) conceptual questions focusing on the often counter-intuitive theoretical insights to be gained from the non-Western legal systems, (iii) law and colonialism, (iv) liberalism, difference, and the law in the postcolonial world, and (v) the judicialization of politics across the globe. Throughout, attention will be given to the lessons to be learned from legal anthropology for interrogating the present moment in the global north. Grades will be based on class participation, course presentations, and a term paper.

Note: This course is cross-listed with FAS as African and African American Studies 190x.

Subject Areas: International, Comparative & Foreign Law .