Immigration Law: Policy and Social Change

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Spring 2013 Course
Meets: Th 5:00pm - 7:00pm in WCC Room 2004
2 classroom credits

This course touches upon the major policy debates currently swirling around immigration reform and policy. This course will survey social changes and development of immigration law over the last few decades, including the emergence and role of social change movements. Topics will include undocumented immigration, international coordination on migration, judicial review and due process, refugee and asylum policy, immigration and employment, border security, state and local enforcement of immigration law, and the relationship between immigration law and crime. The course will bring some leading immigration and refugee advocates and policy-makers into the classroom, engaging students in important debates about what immigration and refugee policy should be. The course will meet for two hours. Course requirements will consist of active participation, written questions or comments on the readings turned in prior to class meetings, and/or reaction papers submitted after class meetings.

The class will conclude with a 3-hour exam in which students will reflect and expand on a specific immigration topic from the course.

Subject Areas: Human Rights , International, Comparative & Foreign Law .